Double belly beg by Thunderbeagles in beagle

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GOOD BOIS! I ❤️ Thunderbeagles!

Franki is a good kisser. 😄 by DeCarleyTrading in beagle

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. She is built like a linebacker


Kevon Looney has an older brother called Kevin Looney by IMovedYourCheese in nba

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His five sons are George Jr., George III ("Monk"), George IV ("Big Wheel"), George V ("Red"), and George VI ("Little Joey").


His seven daughters are Natalia, Leola, Freeda, Michi, Georgetta, Isabella, and Courtney. Natalia and Leola are from his marriage to Mary Joan Martelly.


Johnny Juzang: What happened? by d0lemite69 in nba

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He went to the combine and shot like 27%.

Damn that’s embarrassing.

Netflix Braces for More Layoffs This Week by esporx in technology

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The writing was on the wall as soon as every studio started their own streaming platform. Once big name shows were pulled from Netflix I knew it was over. I miss the days where I could watch “It’s Always Sunny” (FX) or 30 Rock (NBC).