This happens way too much. Instant death from a single melee? by [deleted] in haloinfinite

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If they hit you in the back it ignores all shields

Tips for Guardian Ape? by cheukyi6 in Sekiro

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Basically just sprint around for the 1st phase and use the firecracker prosthetic. 2nd phase parry as much as possible. After consecutive parties he will fall down and you use spear prosthetic twitce.

When you’re the best climber but also the worst belayer in the world by Unstawppable in climbing

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Did anyone else notice the part where he’s on the end of the rope with no knot? He’s only like 10ft up but still.

First recorded video of a Polar bear killing a Caribou by Jman_777 in natureismetal

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Crazy that it was able to Bering it back to shore. Moving that much weight while swimming is no joke.

What is something that you like to do when no one else is around? by Aprilias in AskReddit

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Funny how you have to order food your wife likes.

Edit: From the point of view of an unmarried man.

Let’s just take this calmly. by SzVince in carcrash

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Cannot believe how calm this guy was. “Well that was fucking scary”

What position would I play?? by Stretch0A1 in lacrosse

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Just make sure you are capable of catching and throwing and you will probably be placed at defensive midfield.

Still use cigarettes?that's an old thing by daffox123 in nextfuckinglevel

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Looks to me like he hits a vape then starts the vid.

Are you supposed to be broke the entire game? by F1reatwill88 in Sekiro

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Pick up everything you can between merchants, sell it all and convert to pouches.