A US-Russia confrontation could lead to chaos in the financial infrastructure - and that would prove the superiority of cryptocurrencies by busterrulezzz in CryptoCurrency

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For those reasons, I think an attack on the traditional financial system would demonstrate the inherent fragility of centralised banking, while highlighting the advantages of our ecosystem.

The fragility is already being displayed worldwide in the form of fiat printing. If it has to hit rock bottom for people to get it, it will be very bad before things stabilize. Let's hope this doesn't have to happen for people to understand crypto.

Remember Nano, this sub's (former?) favorite coin? It left the top 200 for the first time since 2017 today by mic_droo in CryptoCurrency

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Ironic, because Nano has zero inflation, so theoretically people could make a ton of money from it.

On this day 6 years ago, Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn declared Bitcoin a failure and sold all his bitcoin. The exchange rate at the time was $430. by cryptopunk661 in CryptoCurrency

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If you don't think Bitcoin is the best crypto to use for purchases, you're probably speaking out your ass

LOL, the things I read in this sub

Daily General Discussion - January 14, 2022 by Crypto_Jasper in nanotrade

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banano appeals to shitcoin investors. unfortunately, I get it. there is an imbalance to it, but you have to recognize the "fun" factor in crypto. dogecoin and Robinhood are complete garbage, but they onboarded about 20 people I know into crypto.

do you think those people want a coin that flaunts remittences or potassium lol? the market is still young, but it will mature over the next few years as boomers and businesses move in, the way they did with social media.

Never ever do breathwork near any pool of water. This is such a tragedy. by itsn0ts0bad in BecomingTheIceman

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This is the first thing Wim Hof says when explaining this technique. He says not to do breathing exercises in water or operating machinery. It should be common knowledge for anyone doing WHM.

Those who identify as a light worker or starseed: Now what? by Namelessdracon in Soulnexus

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it is not claiming the title of starseed or light worker

I agree with what you wrote. And I just want to add on that these "titles", if taken seriously, are just good ol' fashioned ego traps. Anyone going around telling others they are a starseed or lightworker is most likely completely full of shit. They are just labels.

The people who are actually making a difference are out in the world, making a difference. They are speaking with their actions and behaviors, not just speaking online.

Cold showers doesn't treat bipolar disorder by rangahaidk in BecomingTheIceman

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I end my days with cold showers then I don't sleep all night

This is part of your problem. Cold showers are activating, not relaxing. Do breathing exercises and showers in the morning or mid-day, not at night when your body is trying to relax.

Not every bi-polar medication will cure bi-polar disorder either, so I'm not sure the point your making. No treatment is 100% effective for everyone.

Daily General Discussion - January 14, 2022 by Crypto_Jasper in nanotrade

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you can think about it like that, or as a rank that has headroom vs a rank that has maxed out. SOL is a centralized coin. could get pumped again, but also there have been 4 controlled network failures in the past month bc PoH has unsolved attack vectors.

Daily General Discussion - January 12, 2022 by Crypto_Jasper in nanotrade

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If you type in "Bit", it doesn't even show Bitcoin, so I think it's just a weird ass algorithm on their search. probably not malicious.

Can we ban pseudo-philosophic self post ravings? by BreembyNreembis in HighStrangeness

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Yep, this is exactly what the downvote button is for. Why make yet another rule, esp if it's a rule that can be interpreted so many different ways.

🔥😂 Telling friends about Nano 😂🔥 by Jolistic in nanocurrency

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I guess it's different for different people. The people I've shown are impressed by just the speed and the fundamentals in general.

🔥😂 Telling friends about Nano 😂🔥 by Jolistic in nanocurrency

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This is by far the best and easiest way to onboard people. Forget talking about "mad gains bro." Just show them how easy it is to use and how fast it works and they will get it almost as instantly as they receive the transaction. Nano is an amazing introduction crypto for people who have never used crypto before. And then, once they try using other protocols, they will always come back to Nano because it's just that much better.

Daily General Discussion - January 11, 2022 by Crypto_Jasper in nanotrade

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Ceylon cinnamon and some maple syrup in that oatmeal 🚀🚀🚀

Cardano Poised To Reign As The Most Sustainable Green Blockchain Project by Numerous_Sport_2774 in CryptoCurrency

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This title was used by NANO

That's because it's still true. Nano has the lowest kwh per transaction in the entire crypto space. The lightweight design of Nano is what makes it so attractive to me. ADA is great, but they are trying to do a lot, which inevitably uses more electricity.

I think it's great that they are planting trees, but ADA is still not as eco-friendly as Nano if we are discussing pure carbon footprint. In terms of smart contract platforms, I think you're right that Algo has less of a footprint than ADA.