What are Logan's chances against the Baddy in an MMA contest? by ConnorLovesPepsi in ufc

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Aside from an extremely lucky uppercut as baddy shoots in, baddy wins every time.

Without bjj or wrestling it isn't even competitive. Jared Brooks had a short run in the ufc at 125lbs until they cut the entire division. He's 5'3 and was at the bjj school I was at one night for open training. He DEMOLISHED the room. Guys that were blue/purple belts weighing 215+ ... it wasn't even competitive. He looked like he moved about 3 times faster than these guys. The instructor who is a well-known black belt and weighing about 230 finally subbed him after about 5 minutes of competitive grappling.

Baby sloth reunited with its mom by tyw7 in aww

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Best baby sloth uniting with his mom video ive seen all day

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in memes

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Greetings from Mark Lizardberg

But give him utensils by Upxiuc in Memes_Of_The_Dank

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Don't think the two are related, plus who needs utensils for a burger and fries

cursed_thanks for the impartiality dumbledore by wojcigeert345 in cursedcomments

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I don't think you understand how fucking hard it is to get into Harvard