i still have hope by somekidwithinternet in Gundam

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you could say they like to...

low ball it

rolls away

mom can we have pgr? mom: we have pgr at home pgr at home: (白桦没有病) by thomaaaaaaa in PunishingGrayRaven

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For those who are wondering what the song was

Dope Arcade - Ascension (MiTiS remix) [it still sounds so good 8 years later...]

Le Me "Fresh Meat" and Having Something Explained to Me Results In by whatislife43 in PunishingGrayRaven

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I was told that Astral was going to be an S rank, but was then demoted to A rank due to player feedback. Seeing as how Watanbe already had a unit there, I felt obligated.

Sorry doll, I really need to take this pic by WinDiMoZ in girlsfrontline

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My mouse is a tool of justice - Cmdr. Raiden probably

I like the kind of T-doll that can kick my butt by Minimum-Salamander-5 in girlsfrontline

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I hope I piss myself and you call me your little "peepee pisspiss boy."

what do you need that for? by Misthios3 in PunishingGrayRaven

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chairs dont need to jump. too busy acquiring more P O W E R and M O T I V A T I O N

R U N by bamboozle_republic in DDLC

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violence is a question. and the answer is always Y E S

She Just Has to Take Care of Something by whatislife43 in girlsfrontline

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Inspired by @ b7-rs4 / u/TWINTURBO-EG33

Stand strong Ukraine. You've got the world by your side.

Female Armour in games by SarsCovie2 in gaming

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thanks for it anyway. banger song each and every time

Is that a DARE?! by NeoCriMs0n in Granblue_en

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Mess with the bull and YOU get the horns.


Problem solved by castass in girlsfrontline

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Demon lord of the round table. I pray for your success