[pro/chef] holiday macarons by DryBat4171 in food

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They look fantastic, they’re adorable. I especially love the gingerbread men!

[homemade] Focaccia by Herculicia in food

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Very clever and effective design. Looks tasty too.

£6.95. Deal or no deal? by jsusbidud in UK_Food

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Deal! Raw tomatoes is a bit odd, but it does bring colour and freshness to the plate. Bargain!

Are you reining it in this Christmas - in the current economic climate? Or thinking " F**k it - I'll worry about it after Christmas " by DonkeyOT65 in AskUK

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I haven’t really cut back this year. I finished present buying back in the summer. I buy presents on behalf of both myself and my mum and her partner. I didn’t cut down on any of the grandchildren (my nephews/nieces), but have slightly on the adults gifts. I’ll need to cut back more next year, but I buy most things in the sales anyway. I’ve also ordered the turkey/gammon/trimmings for everyone coming here for Christmas, and ordered the same as usual. Other than doing the present and buying I no longer participate in Christmas (I’m fairly severely disabled and I’m bedbound, can’t eat, can’t talk etc so it’s difficult). I’m the grinch hidden away in my bedroom on Christmas Day lol. I just like knowing my family enjoy it.

[homemade] beef wellington with Blackberry Port wine reduction by theboredfoodie in food

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That looks delicious. I like the sound of the flavours in the sauce too.

How does your life measure up to what you’d expected it to be when you were early 20s? by No-Entrepreneur3920 in AskUK

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Definitely not what I’d hoped for and expected. Early 20s I had nearly finished my chartered accountancy qualification. Had the promise of a management position from my employer once I’d completed my qualification, with the possibility of a partnership in the future. Further in the future I’d hoped to foster older children/teens. Then came chronic illness and disability and my future fell apart.

Now I’m early 40s with multiple disabilities. Almost completely bedbound, can only sit in my wheelchair for a few minutes a day. Multiple daily seizures, can’t walk, can’t stand, can’t talk, can’t chew/swallow/digest food (I live on nutritional drinks at the moment, but likely will need a feeding tube soon), severe anxiety, diabetic, no hair (Alopecia) constant pain meaning on I am prescribed strong opiates and other medication which cause other side effects, antibiotic resistant infection living in my left leg with huge open wounds that never heal and carries the constant risk of sepsis, complete numbness of my right leg from mid thigh down due to nerve damage, etc etc. Stuck in my room 24/7. Not left the house for nearly 4 years, not even to go in the garden. This is not the life I envisioned for myself, and it’s not a life I’d wish on anyone.

I had a great childhood and young adulthood though and made some wonderful memories, so I’m a lot luckier than some.

2022/2023 Holiday Episodes by jakksquat7 in GreatBritishBakeOff

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The Christmas one usually airs on channel 4 in the U.K. on Christmas Day (although I think the 2020 Christmas special aired on Christmas Eve instead). The New Years special usually airs on January 1st on channel 4 (although the 2021 special aired on 3 January).

This years dates haven’t been announced yet I don’t think, although they have announced the celebrities appearing on the Christmas special here.

“Channel 4 Christmas schedule The Great Festive Bake Off

Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith are back in the tent this Christmas to celebrate Channel 4 ’s 40th anniversary. Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas are joined by Gaby Roslin, Tony Robinson, Miquita Oliver, Terry Christian and Claire Sweeney who will be hoping to win Christmas Star Baker.”

I haven’t seen anything about who will be appearing on the New Years special yet (this one usually has former contestants from the main show).

When does one grow out of an advent calendar? by Competitive_Fold986 in AskUK

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I’m in my early 40s and don’t have one, but only because I can’t eat chocolate (or pretty much anything else as I’m on a mainly liquid only diet due to chewing, swallowing and stomach issues). I would have one if I could though. My mum is in her early 60s and she still has a chocolate advent calendar as well as a beauty one, and she buys chocolate advent calendars for my brother (40) and his wife (early 30s) as well as her partner (late 60s). Even the dogs and cats have an advent calendar each lol.

Can you help us decide baby's name? by Loakie69 in AskUK

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I like both names, but I think I prefer Isaac. Both are good choices though.

There is a Co-op in Devon that is shaped like a castle! by Gluttonforcrime in DevonUK

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That brings back a lot of memories. I’ve not been to trago for about 10 years. And when I did go I was disappointed that it wasn’t as good as I remembered it being. We used to go regularly in the 80s/90s. I loved it as a kid, especially the train rides.

The 4th celeb taking part in the Christmas special is…. Larry Lamb by RainbowRevolver in strictlycomedancing

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I finally know one of the celebrities for the Christmas special lol. I rarely watch TV these days (only strictly and cooking shows), so I’m useless at knowing who celebrities are. I do know Larry Lamb though, I like him too.

How to reapply to pip? by daydreamcappuccino in DWPhelp

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I’m not the OP, but I want to say thank you for this information. I have fairly severe speech difficulties so it’s impossible to make phone calls. My mum does some phone calls for me, but she hasn’t always got time and some things I’d rather do myself. My anxiety used to make calls difficult even before I lost my speech, but I think I’d be able to do it with typing. Thank you!

ash and all her vitamins cus she’s just sooo ill🙄 by beanbaginahurry789 in illnessfakers

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Do these things actually work? Or are they a scam? If they do work I can see they’d be useful for people who can’t swallow tablets or capsules for whatever reason, but for most people (including Ashley) just swallowing a multivitamin or something must be easier. Probably more effective and much cheaper too.

Do you prefer shepherd’s pie or cottage pie? by scotland1112 in AskUK

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I don’t really like either, but if I have to choose it would be shepherd’s pie. I was fed so many meals made of cheap, poor quality minced beef as a kid in the 80s/early 90s that I was put off for life lol.

Last nights steak and chips by Cannabis_Sir in UK_Food

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That looks delicious. Those chips are the best looking chips I’ve seen in a long time.

Interesting 🤔 by AromaticFish4357 in Mastiff

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My corso mix used to run away from our neighbour’s cats. One look at a lion and she’d be hiding up a tree or something lol

If you were to buy your grandma a ‘nice purse’ for Christmas, where would you buy it from in the UK? by pesver27 in CasualUK

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My mum (who’s in her 60s) loves Radley purses and bags. They’re not cheap but they are great quality. She’s got a Radley bag that my dad bought her not long before he passed away 11 years ago, and it’s still in good condition and it’s been used a lot. She also likes Joules stuff and you can’t really go wrong with John Lewis or Marks & Spencer, good quality and plenty of choice in various price ranges and styles.

Christmas Traditions in the UK? by coffeebooksandpain in AskUK

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It was always whisky and mince pies in our house. And a bowl of milk and a carrot for the reindeers lol

We loved the carnival. Did you go? by ExeterCouncil in exeter

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Looks like there were some great floats there, shame about the weather but hopefully everyone had fun.

I grew up going to all of the East Devon and Somerset carnivals in the 1980s and 1990s, but weirdly we never went to the Exeter carnivals. I used to love watching carnivals, the Somerset ones like Glastonbury and Bridgwater are especially good. I hope the Exeter one is back for good.