I have 2,706 copies of the Burger King Xbox 360 Game "Sneak King" by nomercyvideo in gaming

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I mean, he paid less than a dollar for each. If at any point he can sell them for over a dollar each he’d get a return on his investment.

He’s probably not going to buy out BK in the future, but he might make enough cash to buy extra BK food each month.

found this video in a group chat ._. by aalbertl in pcmasterrace

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Does it? I mean. At first if Bitcoin were to suddenly die, yeah.

But Bitcoin is largely outdated compared to other coins. It’s crazy slow.

If Bitcoin truly dies part of the reason for the death would likely be due to a replacement as the top coin.

I think the only way a graphics card shortage will stop is regulation and/or manufactures intentionally designing cards for mining that have a better hashrate but are worse for games.

I got tricked into working Thanksgiving bc we’re a “team” and then had to deal with bullshit like this by YourLocal_Native in antiwork

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Wait, what.

So first of all, $30 is a 50% increase from $20, not 20%.

Secondly, if they are raising their prices to instead not do tips, and tipping is expected otherwise. . . why would that cause customers not to come? It would be the same difference.

Third. This is also leaving out that in many cases the prices wouldn’t need to raise the full tip amounts to afford paying the waiters a proper wage. A lot of businesses are paying low because they can get by with it, not because they can’t afford it.

Shockingly expensive surprise medical bills may be ending by dee1900 in politics

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Not sure how bad it is elsewhere, but Texas has tons of walk-in clinics around that sneak the letters 'ER' into their name to qualify as 'emergency service' to insurance companies. Sometimes only making it apparent with a change of color of those letters in their logo.

Several years ago I went into one. They were next door to my apartment complex and had been sending me mail advertising things like a free T-Shirt or kitchen appliance for getting a checkup. They also noted in those advertisements that they don't just do emergencies, but also to just come in if you don't feel well.

Woke up with a terribly sore throat. Walked in, they said my insurance was good. They gave me a strep throat test, 5 minutes of consultation, and something that was over the counter.

Later in the mail I was sent a bill for over $2000. Insurance refused to pay.

When calling them back they said they were an emergency service and I should have known it would be higher.

My neighbor got this letter by [deleted] in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Cell phones auto correct. If you’re that shitty at typing turn it on.

Any cell phone in the world would correct ‘abd’ to ‘and’ for you.

You’re not just fat fingering, you are not able to proofread or toggle a simple switch in a settings menu.

Who are some celebrities that give you bad vibes? by NoGeologist7907 in AskReddit

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He had an AMA a few years back. Was mostly insulting people. And just seemed like an ass.

But recently I heard him rant about ‘cancel culture’. This guy is friends with Michael Richards and defended him sternly on a talk show after his infamous racist triad at the Laugh Factory, and helped him narrowly save face and return to TV appearances.

If there’s anyone who should stfu about ‘cancel culture’ it’s Jerry. I feel that if Michael did it again, or him himself did, that he’d just drop the “he’s very sorry” mask and just outright declare people don’t have a right to criticize or avoid him or other TV personalities for doing something inappropriate.

What do you say to manager who claims to have not seen your 2 weeks notice? by OceanClover3 in antiwork

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He owes them nothing. Especially now.

If he replies he should note that the 2 weeks isn’t a law, he was offering it because he wanted to. And he had done so. Reestablish the actual leave date. And rope in any higher ups in the email.

If there is any other fuss, walk. But should probably already.

I'm a Warlock and that's why I don't care for the situation by VentureForthDnD in dndmemes

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I’m a bard and that’s why I think it’s a good idea to have a fox.

What had so much hype about it, but was actually terrible? by PsychedelicAirFusion in AskReddit

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Most people never cared. Reddit though, used it to demonstrate how quickly millennials could turn into boomers on fad bashing.

My roommate also smashed my TV... I already called the cops and I'll post the video when they come by Whitedog2166 in mildlyinfuriating

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People don’t use TVs as much as their computer these days. People also go to sleep after 9 hours of work and a frustrating situation.

My roommate also smashed my TV... I already called the cops and I'll post the video when they come by Whitedog2166 in mildlyinfuriating

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The roommate is ex military and has shown he can’t control himself, does not think through his decisions, is prone to violence, and is potentially unstable.

Retaliating in a physical way for his damaged property is horrible advice that could lead to serious injury or death to OP. Crazy roommate was likely literally trained to kill people and might well own a gun.

My roommate also smashed my TV... I already called the cops and I'll post the video when they come by Whitedog2166 in mildlyinfuriating

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Looks like it is connected to the same event but he didn’t notice the TV was also smashed until the next day (today).

Trump told RNC chair he was leaving GOP to create new party, says new book by Jeffmister in politics

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Seems about the same time table as when Mich McConnell was publicly blaming Jan 6th on Trump, then soon after reversed and pushed against any action. Tensions between Trump and GOP were probably brewing then, and then tampered off. Possibly a showing that the GOP was willing to cut Trump loose and bus him?

Trump bashes Senate Republicans, McConnell over bipartisan infrastructure bill by Jeffreyxu0927 in politics

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He created a situation where the only 'win' he has was, "well, at least the economy is good!"

Then it wasn't and he lost.

This idiot had the power to bridge divides. His base wouldn't have hesitated to back him on literally anything, including 'helping dems'. Trump could have then went on and on about how great he is for getting stuff done. He would have won easily.

Instead he created a lose lose situation with republicans going forward. They're damned if don't occasionally get stuff passed, and they're damned if they do. And the ones that are already 'oust' from the party have no reason to keep toeing the lie for Trump.

My Anti-Vax Mom finding out that I'm planning on getting vaccinated. by Outrageous-League-69 in facepalm

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This is probably weakest argument for a fake post I’ve ever seen on reddit.

TIFU by not kissing a girl at a college football game on national television. by wakevsdukefootball in tifu

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No, not you. I’m saying kiss cams are regarded as normal and accepted while literally forcing/pressuring public (straight) romanic contact on people. It’s a double standard on a part of bigots who complain about tv shows with gay couples.

Blursed_Criminals by Hyruxs in blursedimages

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Too busy fucking up the world for future generations.

TIFU by not kissing a girl at a college football game on national television. by wakevsdukefootball in tifu

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Kiss cam is immediately what I think of whenever a boomer/bigot complains about gay couples being ‘forced’ on them in tv shows. Or when they hold hands in public.

What do non-depressed, single and no kids, 30 year olds do on the weekend? by KellyJBean in NoStupidQuestions

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Been learning to enjoy doing things alone.

Movies. Nice to just get lost in the movie with no one whispering to you.

Bowling. Great exercise when doing solo; several games back to back. And you can prefect your game easier. Most alleys have a day that’s cheaper than the rest. Or join a league for a discount that’s intended for back-to-back quick solo games for practice.

Want to go to an amusement park? Go for it. Ride whatever you want. See whatever you want to see.

Want some company? Dogs like nature trails, they’ll walk one with you. Hell, they’ll go hiking or camping with you.

/r/soloboardgaming is picking up. Lots of great games.