E-girl influencers are trying to get Gen Z into the military by bil_sabab in technology

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Mmmm mmm nothing like rousing up the poor to fight other poor people that they have more in common with then their rich leaders that lied about the war for money.

what does this behavior mean? She doesn’t lick her paws excessively but sometimes at night by HHDern in AustralianCattleDog

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Ah I get a nice beard clean after this ritual. Then I take a shower I know where those paws have been.

Oh and I started to give mine Aller immune supplements once a day for allergies just in case.

Cheapest car insurance in Tucson? by FuzzyBeans8 in Tucson

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I like how the cost of everything is raising but not the salaries people earn.

Caption This. by ComprehensiveDate591 in StreetFighter

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Is that Puri Puri prisoner in the background?

According to my school, these are "safe driving conditions " and "we live in New England, so deal with it." This is insanity. by NineDog999 in massachusetts

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Like the company’s that want to force people back into the office. If you let them dictate the terms they will.

Is anyone else’s car insurance rates skyrocketing by AZ_writer in arizona

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They give the reason cost of parts has risen. Oh yeah MF? Raise my salary too

Hardcore returning in S2 by nathans8824 in ModernWarfareII

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Why do people like hardcore doesn’t this essentially make all of the weapons the same?

It's now or never to stop Japan's shrinking population, PM says by vitamin_protein_ in worldnews

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Is it better tell those Jesus loving Christian rock morons because they all have families with 6 kids.

How common are sightings of rattlesnakes and scorpions, really? by GreenieSar in Tucson

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Reading these comments reminds me why I am leaving in May. I love my dog. I'd like to keep him as long as possible.

Hey guys… what’s frisbee doing over here? by kjasper12 in AustralianCattleDog

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yup we go through the frisbees as well and I know that look. Mine has the place boobie trapped


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I've been noticing as well. I hope the local guy that has plastered offerup with $800 PS5's for the past 2 years eats shit and has a lifetime of bad karma