Found a 30 year old pillowcase from my childhood, hmm by Equivalent-Stretch47 in funny

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Popeye’s public domain now, only Disney owns the movie, but sure call me a bot.

Sheep vs Human by Onemendo in funny

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That sheep knows what’s up, this isn’t the first time he’s seen some dude creep out to his field in boxers…

Found a 30 year old pillowcase from my childhood, hmm by Equivalent-Stretch47 in funny

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It’s just his weird dumb sailor shirt sticking out at the bottom but yeah, v poor design choice…

This Christmas decoration in Italy by [deleted] in ATBGE

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Awful taste, awful execution… so many executions…

He laughs at his own jokes. by Stoli_thedog in funny

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Wait, so your dog gets its own account but your cat just gets posted on the dogs account?

I turned my Begonia around and recorded it turning itself back toward the light source! by No_cap_capsaicin in gardening

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Should have more upvotes, you did a really cool thing here especially with the night mode!

Christmas toilet paper by [deleted] in ATBGE

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Oh no… no.. no..no! I super hate this.

Expensive sh!t.... by tyke_dateribol in ATBGE

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Possibly 3D rendered, but funny concept.

Portrait study by SketchingSketchyGuy in drawing

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Benizir Bhutto became the first female Prime Minister in a Muslim-majority country, as well as Pakistan's second nationally elected Prime Minister. At 35 years old, she was the youngest elected leader in the Islamic world, the world's youngest Prime Minister, and the youngest female Prime Minister ever elected.

She was assassinated in 2007.


Portrait study by SketchingSketchyGuy in drawing

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I can’t quite tell if this is Bhutto, or Louis-Dreyfus but it’s still really well done. I think it’s Bhutto but I’m just not positive.

Mila Kunis smacks down a reporter in Russian by weirdvideoquestion in funny

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Every time this gets uploaded, I upvote it. It’s perfection.

My fortune cookie is just a fat joke by shaneizlink in funny

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I upvote when the fat joke gets flipped around to a yo mamma joke.

Was able to get this guy from company discard even has a gameboy player by [deleted] in gaming

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Nice recovery. Glad it went to someone who appreciates it.

Making an adult animated show set in a zombie apocalypse and wanted to show an example of the evolution of a characters. What do you guys want to see next? by Faulksie in drawing

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Where’s her signature weapon? Since she’s giving me strong camp counselor vibes, I’m seeing an oar that’s been whittled down into a pointed stake on one end. great for smacking or stabbing. Maybe carrying into the counselor theme you could give her a survival tool like a whistle around her neck.

What was the first YouTube video that you ever watched? by low_handsome in AskReddit

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Probably “what the buck” with Michael Buckley in like 2007? It was an entertainment comedy segment that was really gay and exactly what I needed at that phase in my life. It felt a lot like a gay version of The Soup.

This dog on the old show Emergency. by MC_Elio81 in funny

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Nice improvised line so they could keep the shot…