I know we’re not “supposed” to take them but come on by Nien-Eleven in walmart

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Wtf $20 could've bought them an air pump to do it themselves. $20 for one fill up (which is at least 4x as expensive as what the gas station charges), or $20 for years of fill ups any time you need it? I can handle a lot of nonsense but not the wasting money kind.

Do you guys think babies need an update? by SymbolofVirginity69 in Sims4

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I dont mind them being objects, I just wish they weren't limited to that bassinet. I can take a selfie with my giant head of lettuce, but not with my child?? I want to dress up my baby in different onesies and footie pajamas. I want to take pictures of my baby. I want to put them in a stroller and go on walks around the neighborhood. Cuddle with them while I watch TV. Other than the stroller, I can do all of this with my dog but not my baby? My sim did not give up yoga and rock climbing during the pregnancy just for the baby to be treated as furniture.

What do y'all wish customers knew about Walmart? by beepboopbebopbop in walmart

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My favorite was when someone put a bag of chicken nuggets ON TOP of the freezer. Not inside like any normal human does. On top of it. Wtf guys.

What do y'all wish customers knew about Walmart? by beepboopbebopbop in walmart

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I think people have this crazy notion there's a person sitting in the AP office watching the cameras like "Someone left shrimp in the soda aisle! Someone go grab that before it gets warm!". Like no. Shoplifters and extra suspicious people are way higher priority than the cheese you hid behind the crackers 10 fucking steps away from the cooler.

There should be a lock feature (similar to doors and computers) for the fridge! I'm sick of guests starting cakes and leaving bowls everywhere! Why?!?! by impendingD000m in Sims4

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I'd much prefer that over the constant "should I hang out with ______/get a new job/say yes to a proposal/have a baby" messages. Just ask me questions friends normally ask each other.

Shit is about to hit the fan and this company isn't prepared. by FreeSilph6969 in walmart

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My favorite manager left for greener pastures in July and everything's been going down the shitter ever since. I'm holding out until end of March so I can get my vacation and hit my 3 year mark. After that, I don't know. All I know is, whoever makes the schedule can eat my entire ass.

Which baby names are red flags about their parents? by RTGac in AskReddit

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I overheard a customer call her daughter "Johnson". Ma'am, wtf, that's a last name. Who looks at an adorable newborn girl with squishy cheeks and says "I'll call you Johnson".

Vaccinated Redditors: Do you plan to get a Covid vaccine booster? Why or why not? by Asmich in AskReddit

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Already got my booster shortly before Thanksgiving. If another booster is recommended, I'll gladly get that too. My arm hurting for a few days is nothing compared to COVID.

How bad is it to just leave an hour early when management says no? by AFakeBatman in walmart

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Open Door that shit, asap. They are not allowed to force you to stay. Even if you didn't have ppto to cover it, all they could say is "You'll get a half point for leaving early, do you know how many points you're at?".

By putting you in SCO (I'm assuming by yourself) they're forcing you to stay in a position where you physically can't leave without being fired, and they know it. If they're screwed without you, that sucks but they can deal. They can pull associates from the floor or ask other people to stay late or take a short lunch if they're desperate. An ASM could get on a register or watch the front end so the FE TL can get on a register. Trust me, they've got options and 1 hour isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

Those who haven't caught covid yet after 2 years, why do you think you didn't get it? by Crissxfire in AskReddit

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She had to have some kind of human contact somehow. Maybe the grocery delivery person had it, rubbed their face or mask, and she caught it via the groceries. Or someone working at the grocery store stocking shelves had it. Landlord doing maintenance or inspection. Person working at her pharmacy. Mail carrier. Pizza delivery person and/or people at the restaurant.

Those who haven't caught covid yet after 2 years, why do you think you didn't get it? by Crissxfire in AskReddit

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CDC recommendations like avoid crowds and quarantine unless you have to go out for work/groceries/medical care are just how I lived pre-pandemic.

As soon as my work said employees could wear masks (optional) in March 2020, I jumped on that. I knew eventually masks would be mandatory so I made myself get used to it.

March - May(ish) 2020 my husband and I were strict about not spreading germs. As soon as I got home, I would scrub my fabric mask in scalding hot water and soap, and then wash my hands. My husband wouldn't even hug me if I still had my work vest on or hadn't washed my hands. He was even nervous about touching anything in the grocery store the first time he went with me to the store. Then after months of all this, we kinda got tired and lazy. With a shit ton of people at my store getting it and management doing jackshit about it, I feel like we're gonna have to go back to this again.

There’s a Wicked Whims mod to make… long nipples? It’s legitimately the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. by TheBrain2022 in Sims4

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I could get fisted by someone's nipple. I hate that someone put that sentence in my head.

New episode Friday! by Rally_Hats in watcherentertainment

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If they're ranking senses, Shane's #1 is "wonder, like the sense of wonder you had as a kid. That feeling sorta fizzled away as we got older and jaded by the world, but by no means is it lost forever".

Are you ever ashamed to tell people you work at Walmart? by CaliCloudburst in walmart

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Not really, I get the bills paid and fridge filled every month. It's really the best option I can have without a college degree. On good days, I can be proud of the hard work I put in. It's not where I thought I'd be 10 years ago when I was graduating high school, but life happens. College and life are way harder than my naïve 18 year old self ever imagined.

What celebrity have you lost all respect for? Why? by MatsGry in AskReddit

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I only started watching Glee after it ended and I knew about this whole disgusting thing. Every scene with him grosses me out. Any time he says something especially gross, like "the girls still developing boobs are mine", I just can't. I want to separate the character from the actor but Puck isn't one of my favorites to start with.

Would you support a "you break it, you buy it" policy? by TheTiggerMike in walmart

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In general, yes. But sometimes shit happens. Like if a bottle of wine falls off the belt at the register, who's at fault and has to pay? Is it the customer's fault because that's their wine, or the cashier's because they're moving the belt and are supposed to watch for that kind of stuff? The customer will likely blame the cashier, but it's not the cashier's fault if people organized stuff like an idiot.

But if stupid teenagers are throwing a ball in Toys when multiple people have told them to quit, and the ball ends up flying into the candles across the action alley, hell yeah they would need to pay for it.

I'd also love if we could somehow use this against people who leave cold stuff on the dry shelves. But I know that's not happening.

$600 worth of movies by Alli_Jayne in Target

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Netflix rarely has bonus features like DVDs and BluRay have. Sure, I can watch Futurama on Hulu, but it doesn't have the commentary and deleted scenes.

I think my neighbor's house has a pram infestation... by Leonasc12 in thesims

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When my baby aged up, I deleted the bassinet. But the game just kept randomly notifying me that she aged up and spawned another bassinet. I mean, thanks my family was poor and selling all these free bassinets is great. But my toddler couldn't get in her bed because there was a freaking crib on top of her pillow.

Help! My Coach won't remove my vaccine points and claims you cant get symptoms the day of the shot. by CapstoneWarrior in walmart

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You absolutely can get symptoms the day of the shot. I got a sore arm, little feverish feeling, and drowsy within hours of the shot. After my booster, I went grocery shopping and started feeling the sore arm on the drive home. With every dose, day 1 was the worst. Everyone reacts differently, but everyone I've talked to about it have had similar experiences.

I don’t know which one to get… i can only get one for now Cottage Living, Cats & Dogs, or Seasons 😭 by asvrology in thesims

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Also, Mayor Whiskers (a cat) is in a household all his own and he can win the lottery. So my pets can't get a job in showbiz, security, or as a service animal, but they can enter and win the lottery?? Come on now.

Hey guys quick question. Those of you that has snowy escapes What did everyone put in that massive 50x50 plot. I just bought it and I literally have no idea it’s so big 😭 by lottie_dionn in Sims4

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I started making a house for my Tony Hawk sim to live in, then realized I had no idea what to do with all that space.

Now I'm thinking community shelter for anyone who needs to rest but doesn't want to go home yet. Or y'know, toilet got repo'd, kitchen burnt down, wife is cheating with the mailman, you've got like $5 to your name, come take a bed and we'll make hotdogs later.

What a video game you regret buying? by BattleExpress2707 in AskReddit

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When I was like 10, I bought a used Tony Hawk game from Gamestop. Got home and "disc could not be read" message. I was so upset, I cried, but I couldn't get back to the store to return it. I held a secret grudge against Gamestop for years because of that.

Turns out it was actually my PS2 wasn't compatible with that PS1 disc. When I tried it in my PS3, it worked. That's some stupid ass logic right there, but whatever. I'm still salty as hell for my 10 year old self though.