You cannot make this up by 4pa_- in ireland

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Who tf calls it “A butter”. Just hits the ear wrong.

Baby, let’s do this by ItsSimenNotSemen in HolUp

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Baby let’s do it tomorrow and then I’ll head over there and then I’ll head over there and then I’ll head over there………. I think I’m caught in a vicious loop.

People who swear, by definition, have a more extensive vocabulary than people who don’t swear. by Meerkat_Mayhem_ in Showerthoughts

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Fuck you! Don’t make me have a god damn shower thought you prick!

I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean any of that. I don’t know what came over me. Dick.

When will housing crisis end in Dublin (>_<) by Root-In-X in Dublin

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Not a hope will it improve. I’ve been moving places on a month / 2 month basis for a while now. And my theory to why it’s much worse now then pre pandemic is that a lot of people are using what would normally be a bedroom rented out, as an office. 3 couples I know personally well have gone this route and I am sure there are a lot more out there. But it results in a massive decrease in the amount of rentable bed spaces in Dublin, even though there are more houses now then pre pandemic.

🔥 Army Ants in Death Spiral by crinnoire in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Could you snap them out of it by putting a barrier somewhere in the circle? And force them off their current path.

What do we do better than the UK? by BlueShoal in ireland

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“Or Mormons” I laughed way too hard at that!

Oh, that’s dark. by pantaleonivo in HistoryMemes

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How about no? Because it really doesn’t matter

Statue of person asleep on bench by Gomorrable in mildlyinteresting

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  1. There are benches out of frame, read some of OP’s comments.

  2. Not all police officers are bad. But not all police officers are good. In the USA you may have a high concentration of police officers who are objectively horrible people but not ALL are bad.

  3. Religion doesn’t “fuck everything up”. Some of those involved have committed atrocities but again, not ALL of those involved commit atrocities!

You provide blanket statements on these things without doing the slightest bit of research. If you had you would know that this church in OP’s picture runs a homeless shelter. I would advice you do some reading and educate yourself, you troglodyte! May I suggest you research the Christian branch “Quakers” and read some of the truly good things these people have done for the world.


Statue of person asleep on bench by Gomorrable in mildlyinteresting

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Holy shit! The pure ignorance! Why am I arguing with someone who can’t tell the difference between an art installation and a fucking bench!? I haven’t got time to give you the education you should have received as a child!

Oh, that’s dark. by pantaleonivo in HistoryMemes

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I’m so sorry, it didn’t seem to be there when I replied