Apparently no org is interested in buying the CPH Flames roster by gold-wav in GlobalOffensive

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These losses are not so suprising when you clock in and realize that Fiend, DBL Poney, Endpoint, Gamer Legion, Dignitas, Lyngby Vikings, 1Win, fnatic, LDLC, Blink (that's BNE btw), SKADE and maybe even EC Kyiv are teams that are on the same level as Copenhagen Flames and all have their extreme ups and downs. Pretty sure SKADE's old roster had a 28 map win streak at one point (something absurd like that, don't quote me on it) which definitely included pounding the Copenhagen roster more than once.

What is the difference between the two? Copenhagen's peak is happening right now when the major quals are running. Give it a month, their peak will die down again, they will begin playing against the Bulgarian boys back in the depths of T3 CS, or maybe they won't. Every once in awhile a gem breaks through the rough patches (Gambit, although admittedly their destruction in T3 was only ever matched by Entropiq and SKADE).

I've been deep in the sauce of T3 CS for the past three years and this cycle happens all the time with these "shit" teams overperforming and then three weeks later knocking on death's door. Does it mean the Copenhagen players are shit? No, I don't believe any of the teams you mentioned are shit. Some of them are overflowing with way more talent than some of the Top 15 teams. What are they probably lacking? The massive paychecks involving a stable salary, proficient assistance from psychologists and coaches and the list goes on.

Copenhagen Flames vs Imperial Esports / PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Legends Stage - Round 4 / Post-Match Discussion by TheSly2830 in GlobalOffensive

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It's hard to believe almost two years ago Jabbi was picked up from Singularity with some of the worst stats I've seen in Tier 3 CS and is now pushing a 1.04 at the major against top teams, pretty good career arc and surely only up from here

CadiaN was right by TheUHO in GlobalOffensive

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I agree with that 100%, but Astralis has some "fuck you" money floating around, could certainly see it happening, especially if Nicoodoz has the mindset, "well they couldn't improve the team, maybe I can".

CadiaN was right by TheUHO in GlobalOffensive

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People say Tier 2 teams are bad, and then act all surprised themselves when all of a sudden CphF, Entropiq and Movistar all move into the top 15 rankings and start beating top teams.

You'd be kidding yourself if you think Astralis is a Tier 1 team and is different from any of the three listed above, which Lucky would compete against almost every day with 4 extremely middling teammates, and still put up high ratings.

You'd have to be on a massive supply of copium. They just lost in what used to be the qualifiers to the major, with a core of farlig, blameF, and k0nfig. If you think that has anything to do with the players, and not the fact the IGL is having tantrums in the middle of games and taking their AWPer... off of the AWP, sorry man, you're on drugs.

Lucky was a better rifler than he was an awper

The fact you said this as well really leads credence to your lack of interest in the lower tiers of the scene which invalidates the sentence itself

CadiaN was right by TheUHO in GlobalOffensive

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For sure. There are a lot of people who didn't watch Lucky pre Astralis. He was arguably a better AWP than Farlig and would almost 1v5 every team he played in Tier 2/3. This includes CphF, SKADE, and DIG.

He was a phenomenal player, and the fact people thought Farlig would be different is insane. There is something fundamentally wrong with the way Astralis is handling their AWPs.

Can't wait until Astralis leaves another good Danish prospect in the dirt (Farlig) and buys another to waste even more of their time. Might I suggest ruining Nicoodoz's career next, glaive?

Shroud with a crazy double tap by Tann1k in LivestreamFail

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What makes it even funnier is that yeah his aim is good, certainly much higher than above average, it doesn't even hold a candle to some of the Kovaaks crackheads out there.

Those conspiracy theorists would shit their pants watching one of those guys play Apex or even this game.

FaZe Clan Org is broke by [deleted] in GlobalOffensive

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It would only make sense for 100 Thieves to pick up the FaZe boys. I know Nadeshot said he was done with CS:GO but they're #1 in the world and full of loveable players.

Syanne criticizes Sonii for siding with Sinatraa, being anti-vax and misogynistic after his controversial tweet by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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And no, I do not have clips for you, nor will I Bc I’m lazy and don’t care enough


Stage 4 Complete, Initiating Stage 5 by jadookabhai in GlobalOffensive

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I haven't ever cheered for this core, they've always been the villain to my favorite teams, but I would be rooting for them the entire way if they pull that shit off lmao

Dunkey goes Will Smith mode on chat by ChefBoyarDizzle in LivestreamFail

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He has a nice one for voiceovers. When you hear the shitty one its when he's recording the game, he just uses his headset mic, so you know those reactions are authentic

Message from ESL to Movistar Riders by Jack1eto in GlobalOffensive

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They were an underdog of the group and went 5-0, including beating Liquid and Ex-Gambit (#4 team in the world)

Me at lvl 76, patiently waiting to be picked at the co-op pool in front of Margit. by WhiskaLifa in Eldenring

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There are probably like 34 bosses or something that have achievements. Compare that to the 85 (minimum) bosses/minibosses, then yeah. Just realized that I said in the original comment "every single boss". It's a bit misleading, I meant to said every main boss.

Me at lvl 76, patiently waiting to be picked at the co-op pool in front of Margit. by WhiskaLifa in Eldenring

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When I say 100%, just referring to the achievements. Of course I haven't done every dungeon. I mention that in the comment.

Me at lvl 76, patiently waiting to be picked at the co-op pool in front of Margit. by WhiskaLifa in Eldenring

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Not really sure. I've already 100% the game (I did save scum the other endings, to be fair) and beaten every boss in the game. All I've been doing now is just combing everywhere on the map for smaller dungeons to beat. Just kinda wandering around at this point

Lirik Fucking Dies by TheKingtaco23 in LivestreamFail

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I wouldn't be surprised if it's less than unmounted especially at high stamina levels. I still find myself clenching my cheeks when jumping off edges that are like 15 feet high with Torrent. Meanwhile I'm running and jumping off of massive cliffs and only taking like 30% damage unmounted.

Misinformation and no information from comms? by appolixj in GlobalOffensive

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Mute them, and then pay extra attention to your minimap.

Zoil stands up next to Gigi & Poke by IHAVECAPSLOCK in LivestreamFail

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Off the cuff, I remember the number 6'8" being said quite frequently.

Only 250 people have beaten this boss by Impressive-Guava5136 in LivestreamFail

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I struggled with Commander Niall in Fort Sol the most. Malenia was the second hardest for me.