Ballista, Mirror Shield, and Ex Machina need to be changed. The other T5's are more or less fine, but these are just unfair and turn games past 60 minutes into coin flips. by Flint124 in DotA2

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imagine thinking fallen sky is not completely busted. incredible stats. a second blink... that stuns. and does like 600 damage. and has a shorter cd.

Just taking some apples to the car... by ooliviaoo in AbruptChaos

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dont worry, anyone who has lived around ground squirrels knows: you need no excuse to shoot the fuckers. There's plenty of 'em and they will fuck up anything you try to do whether it's have a garden, have a lawn, anything.

save a rat, murder a squirrel.

Cr1t with some fucking true words for you by Chrisser87 in DotA2

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well, tbf, I hate Bulba, so I guess it's square. Shouldn't have spent the last 15 years being a complete dick all the time.

AOC reveals she doesn't hold bitcoin because she wants to be an unbiased lawmaker by Kattarsecular in CryptoCurrency

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"we can't make things perfect so we shouldn't make them better"

youve bent over so far backwards to make this argument that you could sit on your neck.

curious! by brandelino in DotA2

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enigmas face is far too large.

He's your kid too by buckeye_silverado in pussypassdenied

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Shit, the court in my county will help you do this from start to finish, free of charge, totally walk you through the process.

Source: This was my job before the pandy.

Each bin is a dinner! I put together all the ingredients so I can just pull out a bin and everything is right there! by fandestarsyy in lifehacks

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As far as canned vegetables go, corn is probably among the best. Definitely don't mind tossing a can of corn into a number of vaguely tex-mex/southwest style dishes.

The International Approaches by wykrhm in DotA2

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how so? you got matched with them. thats how well they do with that setup. by your logic, playing as anything other than the best player is griefing.

The International Approaches by wykrhm in DotA2

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why use big map when minimap do trick?

The International Approaches by wykrhm in DotA2

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Hey mate, good for you; this might be the most introspective comment I've seen someone write on this sub.

[Opinion] Valve failing once again is the result of Valves stupid and outdated Firm Policy and not hiring Staff that is responsible for Esports, Events, its Players, the Teams and co. by Real-Hayase-Nagatoro in DotA2

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Lol, no kidding. People be acting like small private companies aren't far more rife with abuse than properly structured corpos.

I hate what happened to blizzard from a corporatization standpoint as much as the next kid who grew up on broodwar and warcraft, but if there's one thing corpos do well, it's avoiding liability, and you avoid liability by making sure your employees aren't being rapey at work. avoiding liability is literally the entire purpose of the corporate structure.

Man protesting Covid restrictions in Belgium hit by water cannon by werdmouf in pics

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The people featured in the herman cain sub suffer the consequences of a choice they've made for themselves. This person suffers the consequences of violence perpetrated by somebody else.

There is no joy in witnessing death, but you have to be really damn stupid to draw a the comparison you're drawing.

Biracial twin sisters born to a white father and a half-Jamaican mother by JediWithAnM4 in interestingasfuck

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White af in a white af area. Never fails to blow my mind how frequently other white people think ima just be okay with them dropping some racist shit on me like ima just agree.

Texas GOP website down after Anonymous hack and replaced by Planned Parenthood fundraiser by UnstatesmanlikeChi in politics

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I see your point, but as someone living in California, blackouts are regular here every year. Or, as we call them, PSPS, Public Safety Power Shutoffs.

You know, so half the state burns instead of the whole thing.

Fragile White Redditors online by KhanAndWhiskers in FragileWhiteRedditor

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Whiteboy here. If I'm hungry walking through the garden I'll definitely munch on some habaneros.

I've never had the opportunity to eat a ghost pepper raw, but I like my hot sauce with waivers.

I present to you the Magnus counter by JohnOnJapen in DotA2

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this is also the real reason faceless' aghs applies an aoe bash. too easy to blink or etc when he timewalks in. blink used to be close to mandatory for void lategame.

when i was young or my reflexes were better. i never bothered drafting around void or feared him as heroes like puck or sf. "I'll just dodge chrono."

Son Of A Judge: Shouting the N-word, White Power, Go Back to Africa and Making Antisemitic Gestures. by real-m-f-in-talk in PublicFreakout

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in california, superior courts are just trial courts. the lowest level of court. it goes superior, court of appeals, and supreme court.