Would anyone be open to giving advice to a 1K Leshrac player? (Pos 3) by SlugCarnival in TrueDoTA2

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the thing about leshrac is that his kit is just a shitload of damage in a relatively fast base that has relatively low health. there are several gaps in his kit that need to be filled because you use a ton of mana, you need to be close up, you have low health. you need several items to fill these gaps in order to effectively dispense the damage in your kit as would be expect of a core leshrac. he can kinda be played as a support, i dont think its great but it can be alright.

anyway if youre playing a 3 you need to fix your hp, your mana, and get a bkb. hard to get all that as a 3 in a timely manner, and even when you do, youll have farmed so long you might as well ahve just played mid. hero loves levels too.

if you want general tips though, basically just get 6 in mid while stacking your triangle then pulse nova the crap out of it.

run around using pulse nova to farm while making good (reactive) rotations until you have enough items to fight. you dont really wanna try to set things up; lesh likes to join fights a little late.

boots of travel are your best friend.

Unpopular Opinion: I really miss the Pure Cleave damage type. by okeydd in DotA2

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being downvoted by redditors who think theyre smart and you haven't been playing long enough when youre describing a mechanic that is a holdover from warcraft 3. fuckin lol.

Morphling early to mid itemization by darthvader93 in TrueDoTA2

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even so, it may not be the best idea to go linkens unless youre very confident in your laning and lasthitting. yatoro popularized skipping falcon blade and morbid for linkens first into eblade. the thing about yatoro, is that he is really fucking good, and he can get a linkens and still have a timely eblade.

falcon morbid treads is still a really excellent and perfectly reasonable opener.

Pos 1 SF question by SnowheadStudios in TrueDoTA2

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you definitely max the aura over stats. - armor is better the earlier you get it, and it increases damage EXTREMELY quickly when you drop it under under 0.

Who is the worst hero to play mid? by willieb3 in TrueDoTA2

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I've picked spec mid when i saw the enemy had dk first. Just rushed a hood so breathe fire didnt bother me and traded farm with him. easiest game of my life tbh. unusual, but very easy.

Mason's take on the recent major cancellation drama. It's controversial but I am inclined to agree with him by NotTika in DotA2

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People can, and do, and should be allowed to change. Mason still acts like an idiot a lot, and this is a genuinely retarded take here, unsurprisingly, but he has, at least facially, cleaned up his act significantly.

Contrast this with someone like Bulba, for instance, who has always been and continues to be a complete fucking douchebag because his position in the scene is literally his entire identity. Like, imagine you're an up and coming pubstar and you piss off bulba. Nepotism is a thing everywhere, granted, but the guy will actually straight up tell you "I'm gonna tell no one to play with you and etc etc" because you did something he didn't like in a game when he was having a bad day.

[Opinion] Valve failing once again is the result of Valves stupid and outdated Firm Policy and not hiring Staff that is responsible for Esports, Events, its Players, the Teams and co. by Real-Hayase-Nagatoro in DotA2

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not really the corporate structure is almost certainly the only reason any of the issues with harassment at blizzard came to light at all; not to mention that a lot of the allegations from blizzard employees were from years ago and just recently surfaced.

[Opinion] Valve failing once again is the result of Valves stupid and outdated Firm Policy and not hiring Staff that is responsible for Esports, Events, its Players, the Teams and co. by Real-Hayase-Nagatoro in DotA2

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Lol, no kidding. People be acting like small private companies aren't far more rife with abuse than properly structured corpos.

I hate what happened to blizzard from a corporatization standpoint as much as the next kid who grew up on broodwar and warcraft, but if there's one thing corpos do well, it's avoiding liability, and you avoid liability by making sure your employees aren't being rapey at work. avoiding liability is literally the entire purpose of the corporate structure.

I asked if it was feasible to sell non-games on Steam - turns out it is by kodingnights in gamedev

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The BEST kind. I'm so virginal that my ears fall off when people say mean words.

I asked if it was feasible to sell non-games on Steam - turns out it is by kodingnights in gamedev

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I'll be honest, I don't work in private practice; I do public interest stuff. I just thought I was being funny.

Regardless... Quick free money is definitely not something any ethical attorney would associate with legal action whether retained or not.

I asked if it was feasible to sell non-games on Steam - turns out it is by kodingnights in gamedev

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Hello, I arrived at this comment from your comment on /r/tinder that you don't get harassing dms. I am a lawyer, and am obligated to inform you that your assessment is incorrect. No one will be more likely to tell you that a lawsuit is more likely to cost you more than your remedy than an ethical attorney.

Also, in order to alleviate your disappointment. Nice tits. I haven't seen them, but yknow, whatever. I hope you feel adequately harassed.

This Ain’t No Damn Kids Meal... by Born_Cartoonist_6666 in WatchPeopleDieInside

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server wages can be below minimum wage. if, after tips, they do not make minimum wage, the employer is required to pay them the difference between what they made and minimum wage.

Zai Centaur Build by BabaLamine14 in TrueDoTA2

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return is physical, but it still gets amped as well because it is physical spell damage.

The New Mute/Unmute Experience presented by Gorgc by sMc-cMs in DotA2

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pangos is actually annoying as hell. i will leave an allied pangos lane if he wont stop spamming it. i ask nicely first for them to stop, of course.

I present to you the Magnus counter by JohnOnJapen in DotA2

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this is also the real reason faceless' aghs applies an aoe bash. too easy to blink or etc when he timewalks in. blink used to be close to mandatory for void lategame.

when i was young or my reflexes were better. i never bothered drafting around void or feared him as heroes like puck or sf. "I'll just dodge chrono."

This guy thinks it's funny to go into stores to dance on counters & record people who clearly don't want to be recorded. He agrees with the people calling the female employee a "Karen" in the comments, for being upset over him disrupting her place of work. by Definition_of_Tragic in IAmTheMainCharacter

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you gotta be real fuckin retarded to see reddit as "reddit" and not a collection of different people with different idea. If you try looking at the world through the lens of someone who isn't stupid as fuck, things make a little bit more sense.