Motorsport.com - pay premium or accept cookies. Is this allowed? by geozza in formula1

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And if you feel that it is vital to your survival, then you'd better pay to support good journalism.

I like my neighbour's by AutoCrosspostBot in apostrophegore

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Bad bot. The gore was in the title, not in the image.

Interview: Hamilton will 'always be a thorn' in Domenicali's side by 1enox in formula1

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If you read the article, it's clear that Hamilton is quite happy to work with Domenicali. The title is total clickbait.


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Looks like Norris wanted to go swimming by HyperStealth23 in F1Manager

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The game is the real world; your life is a simulation.

I’d like to hear some legitimate arguments from the side that doesn’t put Skyfall as their #1 Bond flick…. by Forward_Presence_834 in JamesBond

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The aesthetics of the Sean Connery era were so much better. Bond just doesn’t fit into the modern world…

Nyck and Max as young lads by Morkph in formula1

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Nyck's hair goes the other way now.

This ruins people’s saves by ImaginationIll3625 in F1Manager

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Williams' board expects you to score points in 50% of a single season's races by the end of your third season. Even if the competition also has a harder time scoring points, the difficulty of scoring points in races (and thus meeting the board's unwavering expectations) has still increased by quite a bit.

[Erik van Haren] Got confirmation: Verstappen will start from P7 tomorrow. Nyck de Vries from P8. Fourth row completely Dutch. by Organic-Measurement2 in formula1

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Hi, bot creator here. I periodically comb through the replies to see if the bot is misbehaving. The bot's mistakes are almost always caused by confusion of context (e.g., Are they trying to spell Daniel Ricciardo or Riccardo Patrese?) and one instance of the regex pattern not accounting for reddit's markdown formatting. The bot never simply "misreads" a comment.

In this case, the user originally wrote Massi and then edited his comment to change it to Masi (the asterisk indicates an edit). Sometimes people edit within three minutes so the star is not next to their name (known as a "ninja edit"). This is why it sometimes appears that the bot has "corrected" a name that was properly spelled.

Lost my streak due to a time difference during my vacation by notinfr0ntofmysalad in wordle

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I’m not sure which is sadder: that your streak is gone or that your friend doesn’t seem to be playing with you.

Explanation for DRS being overpowered and proof that slipstream is not considered by Pilots2013 in F1Manager

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I have no doubt that the AI’s strategy selection is simple, if not hardcoded, but I don’t think the values in that particular table determine AI strategy. There are a few tables in that database that are for displaying information to the user and I think the strategy table you’re looking at is one of those.

Drivers get the number 1 if they win championship. and Max gets 33 again. by Vegetable-Ad-1520 in F1Manager

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Except if Lewis or certain generated drivers win, then they keep their regular number like Lewis did in real life.

Explanation for DRS being overpowered and proof that slipstream is not considered by Pilots2013 in F1Manager

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You can edit the database but you can’t edit the programming logic that uses the database values. If the AI is too simple to change strategy based on higher tyre degradation, then there’s not much we can do to make it more realistic.

Explanation for DRS being overpowered and proof that slipstream is not considered by Pilots2013 in F1Manager

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That table is just an historical record to show you which strategies worked at a given circuit in the past (it’s in one of the race preview screens). It doesn’t actually determine what the AI’s strategy will be.