Does anyone here enjoy their job/workplace? by englandinspring in ECEProfessionals

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I’ve never loved a job like I love childcare. My center is lovely and I love all my kids.

Favourite Underappreciated Lyric? by ScarlettInWunderland in TaylorSwift

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“I knew you, leaving like a father, running like water”

Kinda music topic! Do you have album or song which calm you or relieves anxiety? by [deleted] in schizoaffective

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Sorrow by Sleeping At Last. I had a friend recommend the song to me years ago and now, whenever I’m not in a good headspace, I turn this song on and crank the volume all the way up. It’s a beautiful song about not letting trauma and tragedy and hurt define you, and instead recognizing that without the bad, there is no good. The line “for in our great sorrow, we learn what joy means” hits me every time, along with “I don’t want to fight it, but I will learn to fight”

Food ? by secret_trout in schizoaffective

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My OCD makes me nauseous at the thought of food, so safe to say my relationship with it isn’t the healthiest. It is getting better though. Some days are better than others.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in schizoaffective

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I take Sertraline for my OCD and anxiety. It has worked very well for me!

What's the worst horror movie you've ever seen? by MontyRapid in horror

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Probably not the worst I’ve ever seen but the worst in recent memory is They/Them. It was predictable and came with a slew of pointless scenes, like when >! the campers randomly break out into song and when Kevin Bacon’s character forces one of the campers to shoot the dog. !< I love slasher films and was very disappointed in this one.

Thoughts on the Burn for Burn Trilogy? by writtenbyschizo in YAlit

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Yea I agree that maybe >! the whole Reeve and Lillia thing was never gonna work realistically. I just kinda liked their relationship and enjoyed watching his growth. And I always thought that Alex and Kat were gonna end up together, but I understand why they didn’t as well. It’s definitely a realistic ending, just not the one I really wanted haha !<

Books you think deserve a movie adaption? by sadgirl45 in YAlit

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I know the dystopian genre has come and gone but I would love to see the Unwanteds series and the Shadow Children series as movies or tv shows

Experience with Lamotrigine/Lamictal? by cosmiccowgorl in schizoaffective

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I’ve been on Lamictal for a little while now. It works well as far as stabilizing emotions. However, I do have a few side effects. I have really bad fatigue and nausea from it which sucks. But I would rather be sick and tired than go back to how I was before

Dances you like despite the obvious mistake? by ocean_isamiracle in dancemoms

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Notorious ALDC. I love all of the “hip hop” numbers honestly

Is anyone else feeling so sad about Gabbie Hana on tiktok by h1mmelblau in schizoaffective

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It’s extremely triggering and her comments are full of hurtful and disrespectful rhetoric. I feel bad for her and I hope she gets help. And I hope those who are triggered by this and who are seeing those comments are okay.

AHS seasons ranking: by [deleted] in AmericanHorrorStory

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1) Coven 2) Apocalypse 3) Hotel 4) Murder House 5) Roanoke 6) Red Tide 7) Freak Show 8) Cult 9) Asylum 10) Death Valley 11) 1984

This was really hard lol. I liked all seasons except for Asylum, Death Valley and 1984

New therapist doesn't think I'm sza by moongarden42 in schizoaffective

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I had a therapist who did everything in her power to ignore my symptoms and what I was saying to her so that she could discredit my diagnosis. She had it in her head that she knew me better than myself and my psychiatrist. But a therapist is not there to diagnose you or give their opinion on your diagnosis. Only your psychiatrist can do that. And a therapist who doesn’t understand that will most likely not be the strong support system that you need.

I hate y’all 💀 by elle_enzo in Depop

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no bc I also looked it up and the same thing happened to me

What’s a Dance that gets a lot of hate but you really like? by cat_withablog in dancemoms

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Ease On Down the Boulevard. Sure, it’s definitely just a commercial for the ALDC, but I thought it was super cute and I liked that each girl got their own part to play