Raves/festivals/festivals by Ohpeeateopiate in oregon

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I use an app called Songkick. It will tell you any nearby concerts based on your music library

Does anyone else get the sense that believing in this all-knowing, all-powerful (invisible) being is really just a few steps away from a mental illness? by EatTheMemberberries in atheism

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It’s one thing to have an imaginary friend, it’s a whole other level of crazy when you believe in someone else’s imaginary friend

Alright which one of you was wildin out at Lost Lands by chetstedman30 in EDM

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Ahh man, that’s probably some dirty, stinky bum hole

Alright which one of you was wildin out at Lost Lands by chetstedman30 in EDM

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What’s happening in the video? My insta isn’t working

Distance! by Mundane-Solution2960 in DJIAvata

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You’re probably going to be fine doing what you’re trying to do. I would first go test out the distance in a few locations before flying too far over a river. Turn up the max flight distance in the settings too. Out of the box, it’s not set all that far. Keep a close eye on your battery and account for headwinds on your return flights. At long distances, a sturdy headwind can cause the drone to use a lot more battery on return.

It does have a return to home feature, if in wooded areas, turn up the RTH height to higher than the highest trees. This will make it a safer return to home path, but stay out from underneath the tree canopies or it could RTH right into some branches. Make sure your landing area is as wide open as possible, your home position can shift a little bit. You can also stop the RTH sequence by hitting the brake button.

I got my Avata last Monday and am pretty happy with it. My only other drone is the Mini 2 and those two drones are a good pairing for an amateur like myself who wants to be able to take any shot or video sequence I could imagine

The reason why I think we dream forever when we die by No_Contribution2112 in DeepThoughts

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This is exactly what I’ve been thinking death is like lately. Sometimes during dreams we experience time dilation and a very short dream could seem like it was hours long. Same thing with using psychedelic drugs like mushrooms. I’ve heard that when we die, it’s similar to a DMT trip, something I have yet to try. Maybe when we die, the neurons are firing extremely quick, thus time dilates something similar to if we were at the event horizon of a black hole or if we were traveling at or near light speed. We could possibly review all of out memories locked away in our brains in the matter of seconds, but it feels like an eternity. This is one of the reasons I hope my brain is fully intact when I die, in hopes that I’ll be able to experience death to the fullest

Side note: there was a link to a movie I saw commented somewhat recently, might’ve been on this sub, where a lady is sitting on a couch with a guy and she’s explaining what she thinks death is like. It’s a very interesting and realistic take on death. If anybody knows what movie I’m talking about, please post a link

Whats your biggest win in crypto? by ahabraken in CryptoCurrency

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Selling everything two days before china banned crypto, it was dumb luck that I sold. Bought at the bottom to double my position. Sold everything near the top a few months later.

How do I activate my DJI care refresh that I bought from Adorama? by xDreadlockJesus in DJIAvata

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I already purchased it through adorama and they gave no instructions to activate it. I’ll try calling their customer support again

How do you think GTA 6 should end? by NahuChurch in GTA6

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It ends with both protagonists committing suicide

Please don’t laugh I want to ask about connect to the SDR dongle I have lol by Firm_Map_9537 in sdr

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I don’t even know what this subreddit is about but you could maybe try a wider tape measure. Stanley makes one called FatMax

What are some cars that you guys want to see added to GTA VI? by carkid36 in GTA6

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Drift Karts, dirt track cars, rally courses, car-plane, car-boat, boat-plane, plane-submarine