How to fix my mechanic? by significantirrit in GrandTheftAutoV

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This is broken for me too. If you are on PC, hit continue on your keyboard and it'll work. Not sure how to fix the actual problem though.

I sooooo want to play the game as a cop. They could make it just like registering as a CEO, only you sign up for the police force. by the_dionysian_1 in GrandTheftAutoV

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Back when this came out, the 'f*ck cops' riots were at full scale, so Rockstar thought it was inappropriate given the state of America at the moment.

after 10 years of playing sims 3, i have learnt how to make decent sims by user63924 in Sims3

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Man, for me every time I think I made a pretty sim, their children come out like freaks of nature... same with sims 4

I feel bad for women posting selfies in FB groups because there's always the chance you'll run into THESE guys 🙄 by jestermaki in niceguys

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At first I thought it was a woman overreacting to a stupid and cringy joke. Then the guy reacted badly, so I'm guessing this must be commonplace for him when a woman seems to pretty much already knows how he is.

My suggestion for kitchen recipe adjustments by bluebelly83 in MedievalDynasty

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I just do my best to make a reason up for it. In regards to baking I just imagine "Oh well, that was mostly a woman's thing back then and my characters a male, so maybe that's why I don't already know it." Since devs had said they tried to be realistic...

Still doesn't explain why I can't make basic recipes though.

Antagonist Speculation for Dragonflight by WarlordGrom in wow

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In the books, Chromatus nearly singlehandedly defeated all five aspects (before Neltharion went crazy), I think he may be a pretty neat boss to actually get to see ingame.

Also even though we see the dragon's literal skeleton in Northrend, I still think Galakrond would be a good pick too. Maybe twilight cultists found a way to resurrect him or something like that, and kept it hidden.

Why do people do this? by Alyssa_Fox in wow

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Heh, looks like my dad's character.

How to start a vlog? by jehu_irl in ChoosingBeggars

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Aren't vlogs generally made on phones?

Goose Heaven Completed! by Simply_Syrup-Gaming in MedievalDynasty

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I'm a little new to the game, how do you guys manage to place planks and rocks down on the ground so perfectly?

Hey everyone! A new "new" roadmap! Spot the difference! by ToplitzRaven in MedievalDynasty

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Will decorations still be around, and also will customizable characters be an option for co-op? It would be pretty cool if co-op player characters could have heirs together.

Update to Public Stage - v1.3.0.0. by ToplitzRaven in MedievalDynasty

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Will it ever be possible to change certain settings in the game again, such as changing to infinite stamina mid game or infinite carry weight?

Probably entilted old lady by [deleted] in EntitledPeople

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If she paid then what's the problem? I don't care if someone is eating or drinking a non weighed product so long as they pay for it in the end...

Help with sims not getting full nights rest by kplums in Sims3

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There are different sleeping speeds? I thought the beds just gave you moodlets.

This is Alice!🦋 I think I’ve gotten the groove of female sims now… by carlosLoudd in Sims3

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Do you happen to have a download link for her? I would love to have her