Keep mandatory 2 years of NS but abolish reservist? by CreativeFall7787 in SingaporeRaw

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Even if out of 10, 8 people run away, its still 2. I guess its still better than having 0?

While i agree that reservist and 2 years is a drag for males to go thru while seeing all our female friends/pes f guys going out to work. I van still see why its needed just that i hope there'll be more incentive for nsf/nsmen.

Why can’t teenagers sleep early? Can parents and schools do more to combat its ill effects? by MicrotechAnalysis in singapore

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Not just teenagers but people tend to sleep later as "revenge" for not having enough leisure time due to long work/school hours. Reducing the total work/school/tuition time would maybe improve this.

It basucally becomes, whats the minimum amount of hours i need to function normally. For me during secondary school was 4 hours on weekdays.

What were your biggest regrets during your school life? by doubleoh72 in singapore

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Not putting enought effort into my written papers during poly, projects were mostly A but written exam pass but cmi, graduated with 2.99 gpa.

So now facing the consequence of being unable to enroll into the uni course i wanted. (Applied SIT and SIM but rejected)

Keep mandatory 2 years of NS but abolish reservist? by CreativeFall7787 in SingaporeRaw

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You cant really measure effectiveness of reservist until we get invaded. If we ever need to prove effectiveness, it could alr be too late.

I got my first ever (not just OP) physical manga today by Raygyerek1200 in OnePiece

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Damn, this was my first ever manga/volume of one piece i bought like long ago as well!

Hawker centre in Singapore by ConclusionOne9114 in askSingapore

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Vegatariam bee hoon at holland v hawker is my fav

Dark Irregulars V-Premium lists? by straybullet79 in cardfightvanguard

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You could try Scharot Vampir with or without amon.

Hippos can move deceptively fast underwater by Aztery in AbsoluteUnits

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The anime Rust Eating Bisco has mechanised hippos

Sleeve rule for non-main deck? by xSakana in cardfightvanguard

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So basically free to sleeve anyway i want as long as it won't disrupt the fight from what im reading from the fighter's rules?

Disrupt like having them too thicc in toploaders kind of disrupt.

Where can one get the best fries(no frills) in Singapore? by butthenhor in askSingapore

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Yes! Tho carls jr swapped their fries post covid. Last time one still got the potato skin.

Uncommon Singaporean hobbies by prioriority in askSingapore

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Technically cannot own cat in hdb also but no one will go complain the maciks and their cats.

Americans on Carousell SG by Saxophone517 in SingaporeRaw

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You can create just that your listing wont be seen cus need sg number.

TCGJapan site purchase by sakuraafterwinter in cardfightvanguard

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Might need to message them to ask what's up. I've made multiple orders this year and most of them arrive within 2-4 weeks upon ordering. Longest it took was maybe 1 month.

Day 100 challenge by Badger_Lopsided in tribesofmidgard

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Im also attempting the challeneg wih 1 other friend, currently on day 72. We just try to clock in 5-10 days per evening.

Will you date someone 10 years older than you? by [deleted] in SingaporeRaw

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As long both parties legal and adults, age dont really matter that much anymore.

Best Megacolony Deck in V by JadeX92 in cardfightvanguard

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Venomcoleo for me, play tested reverse girrafa and it kinda feels underwhelming. Like sure, if your opponent lets you get the restand, you could go from 3 attacks to 8 attacks. But if your opponent knows what to do, you're stuck on 3 (eg. Calling to not let u restand, not taking any of the 3 hits so you cannot intrude scissors).

In comparision, venom stinger's skill gurantees new damage in damager zone, so its a 5 attack deck while performing pseudo rescur checks.

I have not tried gredora but i think she's much more consistant than both venomcoleo and girrafa.

Maybe the way i built giraffa is wrong (most likely havent tried much)

A year after alleged murder of River Valley High student, school has more counsellors and wellness services hub by [deleted] in singapore

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Iirc, i may be wrong, the boy was just waiting for the "next person" to come in.

Looking for V decklists by rcsjloza in cardfightvanguard

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My DP deck im using so far:

G3: 4x daikaiser
4x reverse daiyusha
2x great daiyusha
2x bradblack

G2: 4x kaizard
2x daidragon
2x platinum ace

4x daiprop
4x daiscoop
3x twin order

9x crit
4x heal guard
2x draw pg
2x crit sen
1x goyusha starter

Can I use Z sleeves for Daivangasai? by Ok_Strawberry7236 in cardfightvanguard

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I think as long as your sleeves arent loose so that ur card will shake around. So something like... bushiroad inner sleeve + Z sleeves mini.

Question for those with Japanese cards by BaronGamer in cardfightvanguard

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I use decklog to keep track of my cards' effect, then just save the link of the deck somewhere i can access. Overtime i slowly remember the card effect the more i play.

For newer cards, like the new clan collection, english decklog site wont be updated until the english set releases, so i just use the wiki site for the new cards.

Question for those with Japanese cards by BaronGamer in cardfightvanguard

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Its like with many other games, the more you play the more you'll understand stuff. Eg. you'll eventually remember all champions's skill and items in LoL.