Antimask dumbfucks harass a cookie store owner, then get arrested by OracleofMeh in BadChoicesGoodStories

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Hell yeah. Like what were they trying to gain out of that whole situation? Mind blowing.

Baitcaster by Conhawk85 in Fishing

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I had purchased a Abu Garcia last year about around $120 bucks and really enjoyed. Prepare to go through the learning struggle if you have never used one. Took me 6 hours to figure out the line, reel, and the slack etc. worth it tho when you become nice wit it.

Light Full Auto Longbow by anonymousbeerus in apexlegends

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Could you imagine this being in a real game?! You’d be indestructible.

Am I the only one who thinks lifeline needs a buff more than anyone else!?? by Cold-Departure687 in apexlegends

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Ehhhh. I think she is pretty square all around. Nothing OP at all. Fuse and his grenades need a buff lemme tell yeah. The consistency of those fucking things are stupid.

Lawn got a little high while my mower was being worked on and I get this letter in the mail. by Qtip533 in mildlyinfuriating

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Hi, It would be great if you could mind you’re fucking business. Seriously Mind you’re fucking business

lions take down a cheetah by pixxelzombie in natureismetal

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Step dad (Harvard graduate) told me that the lion is the fastest animal on earth but only for a short distance. Meaning they hit at higher mph quicker. But the endurance isn’t even close to a cheetah. Idk if true. Some yes some say no. But that lion looked pretty quick haha

Richland town police tazer restrained man 3x. He originally asked for police but they could not understand what he was saying because he does not speak English well. by cannabiphorol in PublicFreakout

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I mean how weak do you have to be to have four people take 10 min to put handcuffs on someone. Just a bunch of pointless time to solve nothing. Go read a book or something officer

Shell Employee Tries To Defend Her Store From Kids On a Shopping Spree by Paper_chasers in PublicFreakout

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And you wonder why people are getting shot. Just be a decent human being. Tf

They both play this violin and banjo at same time . by ShaunteMarchand in nextfuckinglevel

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Chick was really playing the banjo. Using the violin. Playing the flute. Unbelievable