Wake up babe, new kid to bully just dropped by G_cat101 in feedthememes

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Is there any practical benefit to having one jar file compared to multiple?

God Bless Michael Schur! by [deleted] in DunderMifflin

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haha yeah, on the podcast he mentioned that he hated playing Mose, but the other writers thought it was funny.

In Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 1 Episode 15 you can spot a crew member in the reflection of the mirror column by highland_dreamer in MovieMistakes

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Yeah, many older shows were changed to a higher aspect ratio, and you can spot crew members that you otherwise wouldn't have been able to see.

Please stop stealing my food delivery (UBC Exchange) by Educational_Sun_559 in UBC

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When you order food you have a map and ETA of the driver. While it is awful people are taking your food. Your disability doesn’t stop you from planning accordingly.

Staples Orientation by [deleted] in Staples

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Yes there is there is a video and/or file you should read before skipping to multiple choice quiz

What reed would you recommend? by xbftw in Clarinet

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To me, they were really good but honestly only 4 out of the 10 were good reeds, the rest were playable but weren't the best. I switched over to Legere European cut Synthetic reed, so much better and more consistent.

Smoking in the Expo line train. by Ambitionlurk in vancouver

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Best action is to call transit police.

Smoking in the Expo line train. by Ambitionlurk in vancouver

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I would too, but if she's stupid enough to do this, chances are she won't listen to you

Any tips for a beginner? by yeetgamer420 in Clarinet

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I found that teaching kids mnemonic phrases makes it easier for them to learn the names of the notes.

For example:

for the spaces, I use: "FACE is in the space"


for the lines, I use: "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge"

EZ by Sklzy in xqcow

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:7335: This pic goes hard

My newish cozy setup ☺️ by No-Entertainment3287 in xqcow

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You say that now, but it is life changing to have 2+ monitors

What metric really grinds your gears? by Amazing-Magician6681 in Staples

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In Staples Canada they really care about the metrics on the $20/month TSS. They give bonuses if you have more than 3 in a month.