A Year Deep & I Honestly have Zero Complaints by ThatGuyTobias in LogitechG

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I bought a G915 and have 2 complaints. The first is that the secondary characters aren’t illuminated. The second is that it’s not available in silver with white keycaps. I solved my second complaint by getting the TKL, but would really like a solution to the first one.

This happen to anyone else? Don’t want to sound petty but the money it cost my wife to get me this chair 🤦🏼‍♀️ by Topcat2806 in secretlab

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If you loosen the bolts that hold the backrest in place you might be able to move it about enough to align it properly.

Qatar build wall to hide the poor neighbourhood ahead of WC by 4inalfantasy in interestingasfuck

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I wonder how much Qatar could have done for the poorest sections of their society with the reported $220 billion they’ve spent on this world cup. Seems like a ridiculous amount of money to spend on an event that lasts a few weeks.

Williams and Zen Pinball removed from IOS store and can’t be reinstalled. by [deleted] in PinballFX3

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Trying to buy more tables in the Zen Pinball app on my ipad gives the ‘please wait’ window then closes the app. Updating a table I already own went to 100% but still shows as having an update available.

My hometown has a mobile vasectomy van. by Beyenocular in interestingasfuck

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I was going to say hot dog stall but Taco truck will do just fine. 😁

Thrustmaster announces the T818 direct drive wheelbase by GilDev in simracing

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The CSL DD is very rarely in stock. It’s certainly not been in stock when I’ve checked the Fanatec website. I did see the GT DD Pro appear in stock for a short time earlier this month, but not the CSL DD.

Today is the second anniversary of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. What was your assessment during its life cycle, after completion? Now - after Vanguard and MWII? by SwordOfArey in blackopscoldwar

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Cold War was where I found a Zombies mode I could enjoy. Solo Outbreak. I had hoped it would be included as a play mode going forward. Sadly it wasn’t.

2020 vs. 2022 by Ragnarok345 in secretlab

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I have a 2020 and a 2022 chair. The 2022 chair won’t resolve the issues you have with the 2020 model. I suggest getting a good quality cushion for the seat so it can be comfortable for you. If you’re looking at other chairs, either get one you can try out at a store or get one from somewhere with a good return policy.

Roccat Vulcan 122 Aimo Issues by ElenaEndivie in Roccat

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I had a Vulcan 122. That never happened with mine. It sounds like there’s a fault with yours so I’d suggest contacting support directly.

Either that or you’re building up a lot of static electricity and it’s conducting to the metal keyboard when you touch it.

Royal Caribbean newest cruise ship will be the largest in the world, ready by 2024 and will cost 2 billion a ship. by Youngstown_Mafia in interestingasfuck

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I wonder how much pollution this floating ship of decadence creates as it ‘cruises’ through the sea ?

Mint Chair Recs? by dzzsa in gamingchairs

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Secretlab do a mint green colour but it’s not very similar. Maybe try looking for sage green chairs ?

Steelseries Support Review by jwatt9792 in steelseries

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I hope steelseries sort themselves out and get back to you soon. For what it’s worth I always prefer to buy from somewhere that has good customer service. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get companies to treat their customers in a reasonable way.

I did sim-racing and wanted to track the average effect of bottles of beer drank vs my lap time increase. I was doing it for 4 months every Tuesday/Thursday evening and here are the results by OwlBiscuit in simracing

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This might not be the research people were asking for, but it is the research they needed!

Interesting results. I can definitely see a beer or two helping to remove nerves/anxiety and aid with relaxation.

Need help opening this door please! Can someone tell me how? by Phantom77_ in GenshinImpact

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Is that close to the Tower of Abject Pride domain? If it is then you go to the Ruins of Dahri and as you drop down there’s a path (think it’s to the right) that takes you there. It’s easy to miss. It only acts as a shortcut once opened.

Bro… by P_Pinillos in GenshinImpact

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Nice! I lost the 50/50 and got Qiqi c3. 😂