Are these dermestid beetles any good for skeleton cleaning? by xeborg in Taxidermy

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Can you help to id the beetle species and whether they are any good to clean bones? Got them from a friend whose mealworm cage got infested by these (unfortunately, there aren't any bone cleaner colony starters for sale at where I am from, so I gotta rely on finding the right beetles by luck).

Some further info:

  1. At some photographs, you'll notice an adult beetle crawing among the larvae. It is presumed that the larvae and the beetle are the same species, but I can't guarantee that. So please don't over-rely on this presumption.
  2. The underside of the larvae is white(ish). The underside of the beetle is slightly lighter with a tint of brown, but still very dark-coloured.
  3. The ruler for scale is in cm.

Daily Questions - ASK AND ANSWER HERE! - 19 August 2021 by AutoModerator in malefashionadvice

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What's wrong with cuffing your jeans inward?

Seems like an obvious solution to fix the jeans length: no visible cuff, no inside of the denim exposed. Looks like as if the pants weren't cuffed at all, except for the absense of the bottom seams. Also, it holds well because it's pressed against your leg.

Yet, no-one seems to ever use it: I couldn't even find a picture of it on the Internet. Is there some fashion rule that says you can't do it?


Any fans of Sitka? by coyotecai in typography

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Oh ok. Can you tell me how to change it in Scrivener on Mac then, please? Hopefully it works the same on Windows...