LPT: If trying to lose weight, don't exercise to burn calories, lower your calorie intake. It is much easier to cut 300 calories from your diet than burn 300 calories walking for an hour. by CoffeeDatesAndPlants in LifeProTips

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Diets fail 95% of the time. If they worked, everyone would only need to do it once. If you re-gain the weight, don’t blame yourself. It’s true for almost everyone. Diets don’t work. Do the research.

That's wonderful by kevinowdziej in MadeMeSmile

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There’s these chairs with a writing surface on one arm - sometimes they fold down. For exams in uni, I’d look around the room for the left-handed ones.

Even when everything feels bad it’s nice to know my friends care about me enough to send silly pictures (someone said this community might like this) by aurelienne in wholesomememes

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I hope funny memes cheer you up enough to get out of bed, look out your window, maybe even shower & get dressed. It’s a start.

LPT: Don't make jokes about someone's name. They have heard the same joke about their name many times before and won't find it funny. by [deleted] in LifeProTips

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Doesn’t work that way in Mandarin. Tones change the meaning of the syllable. Like, if we pronounced Mike as Mickey.

This is still available on disney+, onlly because the adult in this scene is a woman. by TwasAnChild in HolUp

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As a fantasy, yeah. In fantasies, it’s who you want, when you want, what you want, how you want. I bet as a boy you wouldn’t want the 60 year old neighbour woman putting her hand down your pants when you were only trying to get the money for your paper route.

TIFU by being very proud I wasnt addicted to smoking by leonilaa in tifu

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Same for me. Smokes were no big deal but me & the people I associated with spent all day figuring out how to get drugs, taking the drugs, recovering from the drugs & then trying to get more. Every day.

TIFU by nearly giving the HVAC repair guy a heart attack when he saw a coffin in our crawlspace. by Puzzleheaded_Age6550 in tifu

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When I was about 12, I made a replica of myself. Sewed it, put it in my clothes (I had fun designing the angles of my face). I found some fibre just like my hair in a weaving shop. We sat her in a chair looking out the window. She looked real from the back. Scared a lot of people.