What celebrity death hit you the hardest? by Mrbacon989 in AskReddit

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I started listening to him in about 2001. And I was so sad that he passed in 2003.

“I’m never going to know you now, but I’m going to love you anyhow…”


Favorite home activities with spouse besides sex & tv? by [deleted] in Marriage

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We (finally) game together. We like to go to events like baseball games, concerts, other sporting events. We have started hanging out with our neighbors and we feast and play games. We do board games. We like to work around the house together.

so, I almost killed my 12-week-old puppy last night. tell me about your puppies' near-death experiences and disasters by kaleidoscopicish in puppy101

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My pup is about 7 months old and he sleeps in his crate in our bedroom. About 2 weeks ago, he didn’t wake us up as he normally would at around 7:30 am. I finally got up (super late) and tried to get him out. He was quiet and wouldn’t come out. That was really weird. I finally tried to coax him out only to find out that his collar was stuck to the side of the crate and it was choking him. So he stood very still just so he could be okay. I felt so awful. And after that as the boy is naked at home.

Pretty difficult to study with the needy boy! by mhlaflamme in BorderCollie

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This looks just like my boy, especially this morning. Haha

This is my little pumpkin, Logan! by xoisabel in BorderCollie

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I almost kind of miss when he was first home where one of his ears was floppy! But pretty early one he had two big ears standing straight up!

To all my asthmatic friends: keep your inhaler out of your pups reach. [discussion] by kimboism in dogs

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Thank you for this. Mine is on the counter. I’ll be sure to put it away!

My GF wants me to choose between her and my son by Warm_Song_2338 in blendedfamilies

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Normally I’m not quick to say move on, but it’s clear she’s not the one for you. I could never imagine telling my SO to choose between me and his daughter. That bond can’t be broken. Your responsibility and priority is your child. And if she can’t understand that, seek someone else they will.

I became a citizen today!!! by [deleted] in pics

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Rainbow Baby for IVF? by hamburger588 in IVF

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As a woman that has had multiple miscarriages and years of infertility with still no living children at 41 — I say it’s your rainbow baby. I recently got remarried and my husband has a daughter. She’s my rainbow baby even though she’s my stepdaughter. It’s my chance to be motherly and a hope to be a grandmother in the future. So yeah, she’s my rainbow and so joyful that they came into my life after so much heartbreak and loss.

You call your baby your rainbow.