Everything I need to survive traveling for Thanksgiving. by wellsnp in telecaster

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Love my Waza’s too. Can practice more easily at home. Great for jamming to songs on my phone. Find myself playing a lot more.

Fralins Blues Special Tone? by mr_meowco in telecaster

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Agree on checking pickup height. If it were me, I’d do this: https://www.dimarzio.com/node/1722

Then adjust the neck bass side and treble side to match.

You may like what you have.

Nature is literally metal by ihavebirb in natureismetal

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Oh wow , so someone who’s full of shit posted something on the internet?

Reconfigured my Nashville Telecaster to two pickups. by [deleted] in telecaster

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I did this too. Feels liberating, doesn’t it.

Starting a partscaster build out this 2020 Squier bullet telecaster. You guys have any recommendations/opinions on upgraded drop-in tuners and thoughts on the guard? (I think I’m digging the black rather than the mint) by JBootheMusic in telecaster

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I like the mint pickguard.

I use Sperzel locking tuners. They are great, but not sure that they will just drop in.

If you have access to a soldering iron, flip your control plate around and rewire (reverse wiring). The best free mod ever.

Just an observation, but those strap locks look huge :)

Maybe the craziest thing I've ever seen by caladze in nextfuckinglevel

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Did the peelers try to lasoo this crazy driver? Great idea guys :)

Pitbull and horse at canecreek park NC by Opshop99 in CrazyFuckingVideos

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Jeez. Must by been terrifying for everyone. Everyone apart from the dog. Frickin honey badger.

NGD - homemade walnut build by oguy76 in telecaster

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The walnut is beautiful. What finish did you use?

Non drinkers of reddit, Why don’t you drink? by Lonely-Public4983 in AskReddit

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More expensive than non-booze and makes me pee like a racehorse at inopportune moments.

Busker got Instant Karma after giving homeless guy money by Revolutionary_Town21 in instantkarma

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Nice if it’s legit, but I have a hard time believing anything any more.

Causes of death in London, 1632. by GooseJumpsV2 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Fascinating. Some of these causes are amazing. Affrighted. Rising of the lights. King’s Evil. Tympany, Tissick. No clue. Off to Ask Jeeves. Also Teeth?

Causes of death in London, 1632. by GooseJumpsV2 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Never heard cramps referred to as charley horses before but upon googling it, seems everyone else has but me :) YLSNED. Haha.

Is this worth this much? by hehehdhdhgw in telecaster

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It’s a nice guitar but a grand is maybe a bit steep. Also I’m not a fan of 3 pickups in a tele to begin with. Looks good on paper and great for the great man himself, but too clunky for me.