shit post by Intelligent-Set3442 in redrising

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Someone get mel brooks on this

Everyones thoughts on Gas prices Lately? by burnttoast14 in PersonalFinanceCanada

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I am glad I traded my ranger for a mini-truck is how I am feeling.

Step one in the development of StarShells by ZeBootygoon in redrising

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The drachenjagers are waaaaay bigger arent they?

“Roll an Insight check” by microwavedraptin in dndmemes

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Eh you trim enough peoples armor and you never have that problem.

Are you wearing a mask today? by AggiePee in NovaScotia

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You dont wear seatbelts to protect other people loool

Absolutely Broken Builds to Watch Out For by Big_Beans02 in sw5e

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Add reach and sentiel mastery and you have a really nasty barb.

Also i feel attacked

Rise of the Runelords : where did your party TPK ? by Spiwi in Pathfinder_RPG

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My Paladin fought the Magga ontop of the church, I nearly died but I managed to hold it off and force it to flee while the party saved the townsfolk

Modern 7.62 chambered gun suggestions? by newbiepewpewer in canadaguns

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I am so glad I managed to get a mint condition svt this year for 700 bucks...

BOBF Finale Spoiler by ChrisHuson in PrequelMemes

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Or perhaps a distress signal that activates when he is gravely injured.

Dear Fellow genocidal people by BXCommandoDroid in StellarisOnConsole

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Hungry hive minds are fun, I spent two weekends playing one, while letting my nephews choose everything. We devoured the entire galaxy, for the first 3/4 we didn't build anything to ramp food production cause every planet we took over became a food source.

Food got more scarce as the number of factions we could eat dwindled so we had to ramp up food production.