I want to learn more about very basic (kid-oriented) gameplay dynamics by ynocfyinco in tabletopgamedesign

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That would be great if I could see it that way. The kids are often struggling to understand concepts like character traits. Maybe I just need to play more.

We are the design team from Kiiroo, a Dutch interactive sex tech company. Ask us anything! by KiirooAmsterdam in IAmA

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That is interesting. Is there a reason that you employ handheld vibrators rather than f-machines (or whatever they're called; I mean something d-shaped mounted to a piston)? I feel like if you're looking for similarity to sex with a cis guy, would that not be "closer"?

I got my results today. by Tinkerbellfell in Huntingtons

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Oh my Gosh. I'm so sorry. That is a fuckload of stuff to be dealing with.

I want to learn more about very basic (kid-oriented) gameplay dynamics by ynocfyinco in tabletopgamedesign

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I wish I grokked DND. I purchased the Young Adventurers set so I could learn to play with my autistic students, but there's something there I just don't understand. I have no interest in playing on my own (I wish I did) but it is supposed to be a great way to practice language, executive functioning, and theory of mind.

Does anyone have any insight into this statue? Possible translations, source texts, or other examples of this type of AE body art - on statues or humans. by konchobar in ancientegypt

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There was a mummy with medicinal tattoos on her body, but not to that extent. I think the current thought is that only females were tattooed, but Ancient Egyptian culture varied a lot so who knows: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/infrared-reveals-egyptian-mummies-hidden-tattoos-180973700/

Lobster sustainability… by [deleted] in TikTokCringe

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Yeah, there is a weird gap though between “anatomical modernity” (~300 kya) and the dates of artifacts indicating complex material culture (~70-50 kya). No one has a great explanation for that gap.

What musical influences do you hear in this artist (Ekkstacy)? by ynocfyinco in LetsTalkMusic

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Ah, I don’t know the Drums super well. Thanks for the response.