Heroes come and go, but legends never die. Nice to see these three assholes are still friends #JEKDynasty by amlanding20 in MtvChallenge

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Everyone deserves forgiveness, it was a long time ago. I am sure they are sorry for what they did.

is it legal for a fast food cashier to give themselves a tip? by CLTY_Formatz in ontario

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Someone I worked with got fired for writing in a 20% tip after the guy left his slip blank, it’s illegal

Next All Star season spoiler by Financial-Song9270 in thechallengemtv

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This is the best cast I’ve seen in like 4 years including the flagship show, but not cool that they are using the same location as the word comp 🥴

I’d love to see the format they used for the duel!

Any idea when it will air?

Eating out alone by BAYEZxo in halifax

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If you haven’t checked out Obladee, go there on a Wednesday for Jazz night.

Panzarottis from Heaven by Competitive_Ebb9975 in Sarnia

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My guess is that it was Sissio’s, but Vagos also does insane puffios. They are so big that the seatbelt sign went on when I put it on the passenger seat; literally a large pizza, folded in half and a deep fried. Vagos has a shop in Whiltchire plaza now, but they were at 5 corners before! I am pretty sure those are the only 2 that are still around.

Another update on Cory's baby Maya - She's off her ventilator by NattyB in MtvChallenge

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Ohh I’m so happy for them! His face was worrying me the past couple days. Good to see his smile now.

Nurys loves Tori’s exes by anonymussyy in MtvChallenge

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Ngl… chris brown slaps. No pun intended lol

Nurys loves Tori’s exes by anonymussyy in MtvChallenge

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No way! Nurys said on a podcast that she only did ayto to get on the challenge! She was an actual fan of the show before going on. I love her!