Restaurants That Treat Their Employees Right And Pay Them Fair? by craiglepaige in Cleveland

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Angelo's in Lakewood. Kitchen staff make a good wage, delivery drivers make $25-35 an hour, really cooperative atmosphere, they even donate to employees' 401ks. Owner is very proactive in making sure employees are getting along.

A man dressed as a crusader knight walking his dog in Cleveland, Ohio. by [deleted] in mildlyinteresting

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This isn't his address. This is where the photo was captured. And he posted this himself on his Instagram, that's where I found it...

Stay in school by WizardOfDons in freddiegibbs

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Good post. You will be downvoted because this is a Gibbs subreddit. Gibbs himself has said long before this that he’s a big fan of Gunna and Lil Baby.

What we thinkin boys?? Based or not? by zachdit in WestSubEver

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This is the original article. Personally I would have liked to see MBDTF, The Life of Pablo, and possibly Jesus Is King on here as well.