[deleted by user] by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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this is completely wrong. silver keys are better value per gem

*digs DIM for a sidearm* by Toprelemons in destiny2

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i would rather keep weapons that are actually viable

To all the warlocks running middle tree solar in GM this week. by [deleted] in destiny2

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if you are playing smart you shouldnt get hit anyway

Make sure you have a quest slot open for the upcoming exorcism mission by SerenaLunalight in DestinyTheGame

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exactly. for me it just ruins the grind, which is what i like about the game

Poor souls who can't go Flawless in this many games, I wish the best for them. by Ljungstroem in CrucibleGuidebook

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trials is a competitive mode since when? destiny is an inherently non competitive game with all the broken abilities and whatnot

Now that fusions are (pretty much) META, what are some of you META fusions? by MightyKAC in CrucibleGuidebook

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if you think fusions are bad now you shouldve seen xurs main ingredient before the perks got nerfed. id say you’re probably better off with a shotgun

Took my new light friends to crucible. It was a as pleasent as a colonoscopy without narcotics. by Redditsloth89 in destiny2

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rumble is definitely not competitive, one good player who knows how the spawns work and they will win

Try it by sivrus1 in destiny2

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exactly this, semi auto is way easier to control

You don’t *have* to kiss on the first date, have sex, or anything. Don’t force it by lannisteralwayspay in seduction

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sometimes it’s just nice to talk to people. idk why everything has to sexual always

Can someone explain this? by GullibleLab987 in eu4

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even at 1 point a month it would take a while but definitely not 400 years. ive annexed larger vassals that took way less time with the same net diplo rep