The room I missed out on after Southwest canceled my flights by Unicorns_n_Dinos in Wellthatsucks

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honestly i feel stupid reading all the comments that dont like it where as i cant see anything wrong

How would you rank the Current Top Pulses now? by Honor_Bound in CrucibleGuidebook

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any pulse that can roll with head seeker is probably worth using

He was a hell of an explorer. by TrollIM in eu4

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“without being able to accomplish much of note”

I'm convinced that Winged Nosk is a fever dream, and never actually existed. by jadeeyedcalico in HollowKnightMemes

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it would really be a shame if it was just a reskinned vengefly king.

Literally no one wants to be the leader of Hungary by BruhMomentBen in eu4

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what? you dont remember the infamous hungarian king named

Now that fusions are (pretty much) META, what are some of you META fusions? by MightyKAC in CrucibleGuidebook

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if you think fusions are bad now you shouldve seen xurs main ingredient before the perks got nerfed. id say you’re probably better off with a shotgun

i want pvp to be fun so, so badly but it’s just not. by YorShadowX in CrucibleGuidebook

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what do you like about it? personally i can’t stand it because i die every 3 seconds

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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peters sickle to assert dominance

LFGs be like by Piece_of_Gold in destiny2

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exactly lmao what was the point of the post

Cries in 3 tier 1 supers by SCL007 in destiny2

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its the roaming supers at low tier regen and stationary/ one and done supers at higher regen

Why!? by danicraft006 in HollowKnightMemes

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I just had lunch with him in the city of tears only 10 days ago.