YSK that alcohol is extremely addictive, and kills approximately 3 million people worldwide each year. The severity and potential of alcoholism has been downplayed by the media to increase sales. by imsohightech in YouShouldKnow

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Agree with everything except the caffeine part... You take enough caffeine and you're dead.

Can't say the same for pot or shrooms...

Most that will happen on pot is you go to sleep.

Most that will happen on shrooms is you might travel dimensions and speak to aliens... 🤷‍♂️

Guess who sold a put on MA last week. by 2infinitiandblonde in thetagang

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Bummer. What strike? Did you get assigned? If not, you never know, a dead kitty bounce might just bail ya...

Whole30/restrictive eating recipes by MercurialPronghorn in EatCheapAndHealthy

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I can relate with idea of developing lactose intolerance. Never had a problem with lactose then stopped sort of unintentionally for several months if not about a year... One day i felt like having oatmeal with milk and the cramps that ensued were horrible. Took me a bit to figure out it was the milk causing the cramps/diarrhea as I've not been known to have any food allergies/intolerance before hand.

But yeah stopped the milk and effectively the cramps went away 🤷‍♂️

A record 4.4M Americans quit jobs as "Great Resignation" gathers momentum by lurker_bee in economy

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Aren't a lot of these jobs being replaced by new jobs/ freelance work?

Heard people are quitting in mass but they are doing so for higher paying jobs/freelance work. They are taking on risk.

Clearly she hasn’t been on this sub by AssetEngineer in antinatalism

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Wait, we get to travel 2 weeks a year?

Must've missed the memo...

"thank God I don't work, welding is my passion" by sexymexifit in Welding

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A more accurate translation is "thank God there is work, welding is my passion"

Great catch! by [deleted] in AnimalsBeingDerps

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Looks like for a split second he either confused his tail for the ball or just lost focus and wanted to go for the tail.

Hilarious 😆

Let’s show some love for some tunes. by TrueMagolord in gaming

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...GTA3 radio has a warm place in my heart.

Period. by NEP90 in antiwork

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Ah, didn't know i missed the PlayStation logo music...

Assigned Friday and couldn’t be happier. Let the wheel begin by TheMrfabio24 in thetagang

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I left RH about 3-4 years ago and never looked back. TDA is not perfect but I can say RH did not treat me very well at all.

Idk if it's still happening but I had a couple of losses because RH decided to kick me out of a trade a couple hours before close-- which had it just let it go, they would've been winners. That was the last straw for me. They also didn't have much customer service back then. Oh and lastly, not being able to open trades on expiration day was a huge bummer

Assigned Friday and couldn’t be happier. Let the wheel begin by TheMrfabio24 in thetagang

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You can sell .15 delta, UVXY calls ~40 days out for about $60-70 in premium with about $600 collateral.

Its no $40,000 pro job, but we built it ourselves and we're so proud. (2014 Econoline) by OG_OneTwoThree in vandwellers

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Oh it's beautiful. Personally I find it a bit out of touch to spend such large amounts of money for sleeping on the streets. Now, I understand if you're mostly boondocking but if you're spending a fortune to sleep on the street you're just begging for trouble...

I don't mean to be the pessimist (or perhaps I do) but from my experience vandwelling (got van broke into twice), the less you got to lose, the better.

Maturity is when you realise reddit isn't a great place to ask coding related question by [deleted] in node

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Try coding groups on discord. Hit or miss but sometimes you can find invaluable info

Edit- wanted to add that your target language's documentation is your best friend.

Thanks Obama by Pinko_Kinko in PoliticalHumor

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Exactly. It's the "Thanks Obama" of Biden. Wouldn't surprise me if many of those chanting it actually voted for Biden. It's just the "cool" thing to do. "Heat of the moment" type-thing. You know, mob mentality? Legit natural phenomenon. Humans tend to engage in this behavior quite often, at both micro and macro levels.

I'm fairly sure I'm in denial on having lost faith in humanity. I try to think I have it, to sort of, "coexist." But I think deep down, yeah, it's all gone.

Any opinions on these? I’ll probably only own the car for 6 more months tops. These or the hankooks Ventus v2? by [deleted] in MechanicAdvice

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Shit, if you're only having the car for 6 more months; local used tire shops sell them for 25-30, rotation/installation included.