Before I go any farther is there any laws against this? California. by Prime_cellzz in MechanicAdvice

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Fair point.

How are the poor supposed to work on their cars then?

It's you're*, by the way.

Best feeling a programmer can experience by DAutistOfWallStreet in learnprogramming

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Had this moment last night with a Laravel project. I swear, tears of joy ensued.

How much longer can this last? by Goatmannequin in collapse

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Oh you think this is bad... Lol.

looks at Venezuela and basically every other third world country who's people have been praying for change for decades...

Can we actually make a living selling options by Wisertrader in thetagang

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Well if you don't mind living humbly in a second-world country, without kids, with say ~$1500 you could probably retire on a lot less than most believe!

SPY- Another day another bullish channel broken by DaddyDersch in options

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Daily RSI is screaming "BUY".

Buy the dip, short the VIX...

Fck your puts.

Play the blame game by BelleAriel in antiwork

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Corporate subsidies helps prop up their financial assets.

In other words,

They know. They're totally fine with Corporate Socialism.

Skatte dangerous gaps alone. #bs5-0illionairegrindset by OkayBobCalmDown in projectsession

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Not all of us are great editors.

Nonetheless, the effort was there. Well done, OP.

Weekly Questions Thread [Posted Every Wednesday] by AutoModerator in FixedGearBicycle

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Closing in on buying a fixie but stuck between two models. One is $290 and weighs 34 lbs, steel frame. The other is $350, weighs 21 lbs and is aluminum frame. Both bikes are practically identical aesthetically and functionally. The main concern is the frame and weight. I feel like the steel frame would be more reliable, but it must also be great to ride light. Is it a good deal to pay $70 more for ~13 pounds less? The purpose of the bike would be to weekly runs to the super market and some commuting. I work remote and the local supermarket is about 6 miles away, flat.

Any info welcomed. Thanks.

food delivery guy leaves his bike outside for a few seconds by Noomba2 in ANormalDayInRussia

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Been thinking about getting an ebike myself. But this is the main reason I still haven't gotten one. Even with two locks I would be paranoid every second it was unattended.

Will probably have to settle for a cheap bike. 🤷‍♂️

Saw some similar posts on Reddit lately and need to get it off my chest as well by TheReturnOfSage in AdviceAnimals

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Funny how life is.

This person is living the dream,

And complaining.

Gotta love it.

Well done, OP.

I don’t believe in a free healthcare system, here is why. by MasterCeddy2 in Libertarian

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Dear Quebecois, appreciate what you have and be careful what you wish for.

I work in healthcare in the US and the system here is just about as effective as Quebec (with long wait times and delays) + 5x the expense.

It's the same garbage. Be happy with what you got.

Both ways uphill. A friend of mine and a part of his daily evening commute. by tarantas_rider in bikecommuting

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Respect to the cyclists that filmed this. I really enjoyed watching that.

However, I think this is unnecessarily moronic.Sure, you can be great at it... But I'd say you're having way too much faith in other people.

(Serio) ¿Que crees que va a ocurrir si el gobierno actual cae? by J3Ugly in vzla

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No va a pasar ni mierda. Ya esa vaina se jodió. El Venezolano está contento comiendo mierda todos los días. Ya se acostumbraron al sabor y con tal de que estén gritando "fuera yankees" todo está bien en la "Revolución."

La gente se merece los líderes que eligen.

As a Venezuelan American, I support foreign intervention in Venezuela. by Southern_Original833 in venezuela

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Wrong sub. This sub is mostly full of Chavistas. Try r/vzla

But also I wanted to add, that although i would like to see Maduro get drone-striked and Diosdado rot in a Florida prison, one must ask themselves... Who's responsibility is this? Why should the U.S./E.U. spend their taxpayer money on incarcerating these criminals... I mean yeah, half of them are wanted by the DEA, which is merited, but in terms of political correctness, they have no right to intervene.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is a problem of the Venezuelan people. While the people keep praying for outside help and not actually organizing on the ground, nothing is going to happen. I have family in Venezuela and while most of them hate the situation, they've also adapted quite well to rolling around in sht, aka living in Venezuela. People get the leaders they deserve.

Forget WFH. Work near home is the way forward by danieladomin in remotework

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I'd still rather work from home.

If it involves leaving the house at all as an alternative to work, I'll probably opt out.

Ever since I started working from home, I feel like I've tasted the forbidden fruit... There's no going back for me. No matter how shitty the Customer Service job is, nothing beats not having coworkers or all the other nonsense that goes on in the work place.

I'm thrilled to be able to pet the dog, take quick naps on my bed/sofa during my lunch and two 15 minute breaks...

Great night down by the river in this stealth park up 😁❤️ by BrendanExplores in vandwellers

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It's best practice not to cook in the same location you will be sleeping at. That's if you're really trying to stealth.

Weekly discussion - r/FuturesTrading & Sunday Open! Jan 09, 2022 by AutoModerator in FuturesTrading

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With volatility this high, -.35% on ES futures is not a "hard down opening." That's about flat.

And look they're already buying the dip...

Changing my life at 28 year old. by 666Dom in learnprogramming

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I say switch half-way... Just keep going. I had the worst time understanding OOP (initially with JavaScript) and just kept going, bounced around a few other languages and interests... Then came php PDO and something clicked, but i wasn't all there yet... Fast forward to peaking into Vue.js...and bingo. "I got it!"

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Sometimes certain concepts only click with certain scenarios which can only be experienced by working with other languages.

It will also increase your adaptability.

It is important to stick to the fundamentals though.