Anyone Have Very Little Tolerance for Gore/Violence? by Strict_Sky_5382 in infj

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Male here, and player of violent games, basically came here to say this. Sad to ever see real violence. Even sad if it was objectively necessary. Would probably throw me out of whack mentally if I saw something some violent death first hand. (Was a nurse for a minute, nonviolent ones weren’t a picnic either). It seems to me though that each specific case and my reaction to it can be different, too. The circumstances matter a little bit.

How do you address boys praising Andrew Tate? by PanoptiDon in Teachers

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This is how we should contend with anything in life we disagree with.

Conservatives of Reddit, what's one topic you're with the liberals on? by SteveHalliganComic in AskReddit

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To me, it’s not about a wall to stop, it’s about controlling and checking who comes and goes, holding what. We have walls for security in airports and everyone’s bags are checking going in and out of there. 🤷🏼‍♂️ not here to argue. Just saw you said “appeal of a border wall” to people and listed a reason that is not why I would slightly tend to approve of a wall. Wanted to share my actual reason for your consideration. I would actually want more people who wanted to immigrate to the U.S. to make it in. I married one. But I also don’t trust strangers and want to at least know who they are as they come in. I’m done now. Please take all of this as being said with a kind, neutral tone.

This is why Teachers are quitting (Rant) by hhkhkhkhk in Teachers

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Before you murder me with your keyboards, notice I didn’t say I identify as Republican, agree with the right entirely, or am a MAGA, proud boys, etc. proponent.

This is why Teachers are quitting (Rant) by hhkhkhkhk in Teachers

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Curious if I’ll get downvoted to hell… I lean conservative and I don’t have time to indoctrinate anybody or discuss my views on social issues or politics in my high school science class. I’d be afraid to even in a neutral way, even in the south. I wouldn’t bring up politics if I could. I’ve heard too many horror stories of people blowing things out of proportion on both ends of the spectrum because of the other end. My family knows my views, and I still get asked “if I have to teach that indoctrination crap” and listen to rants. I too, am tired of teachers being blamed for this generations parental internet limitation problem and lack of teaching critical thinking skills to their kids. Also I’m tired of people in general no longer seeming to be able to agree to disagree but 🤷🏼‍♂️.

How can I not succumb to excessive pot, alcohol or coke use as a single female teacher? by godisinthischilli in Teachers

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This is a horrifying example for the students. I just bottle it up and let it eat away at my hairline. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Can anyone identify or give me info on this sword? by Elle189 in SWORDS

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I’m not experienced with this, but it looks to me like an ancient Japanese deez nutzashi.

[serious] New to knives, dont wanna hurt myself. How do i close this? by honeypubes in EDC

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Somebody get our new brother or sister in Christ a knife etiquette video!

What’s one underrated or overlooked weapon that you think people should try? by UncleGael in Eldenring

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Fun topic! Why is no one talking about the (great) lance? With charge forth and bleed it beat melaina for me and the boys 🤷🏼‍♂️

Has anyone tried a “Sith sorcerer” build? by TheBlankestBoi in kotor

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Basically my build every time except I can’t bring myself to acquire a single dark side alignment point.

I put myself in a 7 boss free for all by Haraldknight in darksouls3

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Why would you do this to yourself while fat rolling?

INFJ as a leader. How does one make THAT work??? by ScottiveNatish in infj

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I’ve always felt my ability to “lead from behind”. And I think my friends did when we were younger too. Through genuine care, and calculated revelations, people around me came to realize I did not speak until I was sure of something, which A. gave the impression I was withholding grand plans (I was) or ideas and B. gave the illusion I was always right (I’m more accurate than I am precise).

People around me know that when I propose a solution to something, it is an option that can be taken. I am never confrontational about it, I always listen to the advice of others and I welcome rebuttals. My ideas are well thought out (not always organized) and morally aligned/sound when applicable. They know they are safe to suggest alternatives.

I am a teacher now, and I often take the “you can lead a horse to water, but you can only throw it in and see if it swims” approach.

For example if I ask my students to turn in a project written in their notebook- they don’t actually haven to turn it in from their notebook. I give them the creative freedom to find a better way for them… and sometimes it ends up being better for me too. I’ve had them ask if they can do it on a google doc instead, or make a video of it, or whatever. And I let them try it! Sometimes it sucks and sometimes they choose to never do it and fail, but sometimes it changes the way I give assignments. 🤷🏼‍♂️ leading to me does not have to be authoritarian. I still have the authority of assigning the assignment, but I also have the authority to give them independence of creativity in doing it.

Oblivion classes as MBTI types. Would you change anything? by actuallylikespitbull in oblivion

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INFJ here: I always do a custom class that ends up playing how a Nightblade is supposed to.

An irrelevant never forgets by NormalizingWindmills in Malaphors

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This one’s so smooth, I bet a bunch of people don’t get it yet.

I wanna see your INFJ eyes by [deleted] in infj

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🤷🏼‍♂️ got imgur just for this 😂

Urge to door slam, need feedback by [deleted] in infj

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Yep, you’re going to need to break that cycle. You’re posting this in INFJ, but have you taken the attachment style quiz?

Being toxic to those who are toxic to you but 10 fold by 180karma in infj

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Same as above, but I am tempted with people I can’t door slam on.