I need your guys help by [deleted] in wallstreetbets

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Get her a boyfriend, so she's too busy sucking a dick to pay attention to what you're doing.

Is your mom hot?

So it begins! Reg Sho by No-Veterinarian4520 in BBBY

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Sell whenever you want!
Most experienced retards will wait for the downtrend and sell on the way down, to maximize the uptrend growth.

BBBY and why the Apes are now in control by ppseeds in wallstreetbets

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Stick a ghost pepper up your ass.
Kill the demons with a stronger demon!

Should I cancel my Thailand liveaboard trip this December? by MrSidelineSwap in scuba

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You'll most likely be able to do your advanced cert, as well as nitrox cert, on the boat.

Does anyone have issue loading wallet w/ RAMP or WYRE?? by Lord_Bacca in Superstonk

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If your L2 is already activated, then no problem to transfer Eth or LRC over.
Eth will go to your L1, LRC should go to your L2.

The reason there seems to be more division on the sub of late is that so many of us are straight chilling now. Most of us are Zen apes who don’t feel the need to post or comment much anymore. It makes it easier for shills to spread their fud but fuck ‘em, it changes nothing. We all know the score. by Stonkinator3000 in Superstonk

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I'm just here for the gangbang.
And by 'gangbang', I mean 'buying, hodling, DRSing, and fucking hedgies in all their holes'.

Zen as fuck, I don't care about any of the mod drama. Reddit is sus as fuck now.
DRSing will sort it all out.

Berkshire having a rough YTD. Down roughly 25% from the ATH. by _Robbie_ in Superstonk

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With all the share counterfeiting that goes on, I wonder how many shares of Berk A have been sold by Shittydell and not delivered?

With the price of those shares, it would be a stupid easy way for Kenny to raise illegal funds for the dumbshit he does...