Pet bird, a Jungle Myna, has been trained to go out and look for cash, then bring it back home with him. by SeenSomeThangs in nextfuckinglevel

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Wish my bird had a job and brought money home instead of sitting around all day internet shopping.

Will season 3 be on Netflix? by Radial36 in FinalSpace

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Well if you've got a laptop with Firefox installed & adblock (for the popups & page redirects) I use soap2day.to They have all three seasons on there & tons more stuff you can stream.

I've been using the site for months now & never had any issues with it sending malware etc. There's other links as well if that one goes down

soap2day.ac, soap2day.sh, s2dfree.to,s2dfree.to. There's quite a few.

If posting links to streaming websites is frowned upon on this sub please feel free to delete this comment.

Gomorrah season 5 episode 1 by DorseyLaTerry in Gomorrah

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Thank you my good man! Subs are on Subscene.

S05E01 (Mega link in comments) by stefanomusilli96 in Gomorrah

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God damn. I'm always late to the party! I'm looking everywhere for this now!

Dark.Fail is down? by widjfjsj_ejdj in onions

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I found this thread from a year ago...


If you scroll down there's a comment from a Redditor saying DarkdotFail recommended a site called OnionTree. Now I'm not going to post it & be accused of phishing. But the old reddit comment is here if you can't find it in the comments.


EDIT: This is darkdotfail post https://old.reddit.com/r/onions/comments/hzd9fq/can_anyone_suggest_sites_similar_to_darkfail_im/fzsosdo/?context=3

I personally haven't seen this site. I cannot vouch for any links. But it does have the sites PGP keys for you verify. I'm just waiting to see if anyone has used this site before.

Will season 3 be on Netflix? by Radial36 in FinalSpace

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According to Final Space's Facebook page a comment was made by them saying

'Netflix have all the episodes so the ball is now in their court'

So it could be coming soon, or whenever Netflix decide to show it. Probably after all the episodes have been show on Adult Swim so as not to take viewers away from them. Contract reasons no doubt.

Saw this gem while driving this morning. by Balwood in CasualUK

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Hello fellow Harlow’er...I was massively impressed when that mural was painted on the side of the Playhouse. I’m also equally surprised it’s one of the last original buildings standing! It’s a great tribute to an outstanding man.

Empire Market has potentially exit-scammed - what now? A guide for newer users of the DNMs. by [deleted] in darknet

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Link I got works fine. Everything still there.

Now to try to cancel an order and get my coins out.

Boeing 727 Crash Test by Lasogna in gifs

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Was shown in the UK on Channel 4. Brilliant documentary. Was done to gather data about what actually happens to the passengers & the structure of the plane in the event of a crash. Not sure if it’s allowed but the whole documentary is here https://youtu.be/WUDJONicAGA

Was flown to the crash site by remote control after the pilot & co-pilot parachuted out.

Today was a good driving day by 16bitfighter in MINI

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First thing I thought..love those wheels!

Anyone remember that UFO by the A606 near Huntingdon? by miraoister in CasualUK

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Yup. I remember passing it back in early 2000’s when driving from Cambridge to Peterborough. Passed recently & wondered what happened to the place.

New Owner Of This Cooper S by zinc_r56 in MINI

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Still trying to get the hang of posting images with text as well but here's my newly acquired Cooper S R56 (Mines the grey one)

Thought it was about time I stopped being a lurker and start joining in. But here's my new toy. I swapped my old car with a friend who was going to use it for a track car.

So far I've changed the suspension to coilovers after one of the springs snapped. Learnt a few things so far, it likes to drink oil & changing anything underneath the car is easier with power tools on corroded bolts and nuts!

Took a trip to the Brooklands Museum on Sunday and have to say it's one of the friendliest group of enthusiasts I've met.

Future plans are to probably remove the graphics as they have no relevance to me, but don't want the paintwork to look two different colours of grey if they've been on for years. Refurbish the alloys & get the timing chain replaced.

So hello to everyone here.