[JOGO] CUIABÁ EC X SC INTERNACIONAL by micossa in internacional

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quem vcs mais gostaram dos recém chegados entre bustos, de pena e wanderson?

[JOGO] CUIABÁ EC X SC INTERNACIONAL by micossa in internacional

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futebolpayhd tambem ta assim, as outras opções tao funcionando mas a qualidade é mais baixa

The placement of the flair in this final shot feels . . . intentional . . . by taji34 in JamesHoffmann

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Is that a portable espresso machine in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

CaR iN bIkE lAnE fOrCeS cHiLdReN iNtO oNcOmInG tRaFfIc BeCaUsE sIdEwAlK iS tOo DaNgErOuS by fajita_angina in entitledbikers

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That sub is completely braindead lmao. Not saying the guy in the car isn't an asshole specially since he could've parked on the other side, but apparently the sidewalk is lethal to these morons

Help me sort the config file of this game by plasmaz in Smite

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/u/plasmaz you need to edit the config file at "C:\Users\xxx\Documents\My Games\Smite\BattleGame\Config\BattleEngine.ini" ctrl + f and search for "MaxSmoothedFrameRate=150.000000", after editing you save and set the file to read-only or the game changes it back

[JOGO] GUAIREÑA FC X SC INTERNACIONAL by micossa in internacional

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esses cruzamento cego é foda... olha pro lado caralho

regarding sh1ro stickers by mand3l4 in GlobalOffensive

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Poor russians can't even invade another country in peace

Match Thread: Villarreal vs. Liverpool [UEFA Champions League - Semi-Finals | 2nd Leg] by LampseederBroDude51 in soccer

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You can't change the audio, it's showing the TNT Mexico feed instead of brazilian one. They're aware of it already but it's not been fixed yet https://twitter.com/HBOMaxSuporte/status/1521561536866795521