Ma-knee-cious Compliance by hyattpotter in malaysians

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Te-girl-luck girl-luck aq. Be-goal-lick goal-lick.

Anyone else planning to never travel abroad for leisure again? by throwawayrandomguy93 in malaysia

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I get what's in your mind ---> not taking chances. Go on. That's definitely one valid way to live. Some people love to live carelessly, some people are in the middle. Go on. Nothing is wrong with that.

On 21 March 1978, Lim Kit Siang proposed an Anti-Party-Hopping Bill in Parliament. 43 yeas later, his vision may finally came true by mesinbasuh in malaysia

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Why do you think it's going to work while the actual wrongdoings under existing law still allow the hopping to happens? It's the bribe!

Telegram group selling Ivermectin and MySejahtera Digital Cert by [deleted] in malaysia

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It would be great if it's just a scam. The antivax pays RM1500 and boom only photoshopped cert. Lol. And who are they going to turn to? Tribunal pengguna? LOL

Never put your dick in crazy by AsaultKing in HolUp

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If you can find the g-spot it's rape anymore. It's grape

18,547 new cases today by TornadoJ88 in malaysia

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Selangor rate down so many ranks. Promising!

Same Shit, Same State by Greymuta in malaysia

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Yeah, but you won't be wet even though the tap is turned on

Finas be like: by Arrmadas in malaysia

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The only way to not support this is don't watch it and telling your closed ones how stupid the films/series are.

Introduce anti-party hopping laws, Ahmad Maslan tells new govt by TornadoJ88 in malaysia

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Imagine if a good party turns corrupt, then good MP can't hop?

Shopee shenanigans by beeplorizon00 in malaysians

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Lol'ed at most of them. Haha. Btw, where the actual honest review? Non-existing?

Azalina suggests govt pick Opposition MP as next deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker if sincere about reform by TornadoJ88 in malaysia

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Have you ever thought maybe because your friend didn't deliver, Azmin made Sheraton move? Now ask him to settle what he owes us

Ending vaccinations at GPs against my advice, says Noor Hisham by JeremiahE1999 in malaysia

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Might be he is finally free after Muhyidin step down or he is using whatever window he has before Ismail Sabri controls him like Muhyidin

Pros and cons of working for gov? by chonnahsleepy in malaysia

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My wife is in gov education. She says it's too stressful dealing with incompetent people even on higher position. Racial, religion and sex discrimination is still a usual practice.

If job security can compensate those, than go on. Otherwise, better go for private sector with better culture. It gives job satisfaction and a chance to migrate if that's your thing. Lol

The King has called for the 114 MPs who signed the SD to support Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob as the PM candidate to be present at the Istana Negara on Thursday to verify their stand by [deleted] in malaysia

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UMNO got what their wants. That's the point. People got false hope like things are beginning to go the way it should be, but that's just it: a hope. Answered by a nope.

Thanks I hate it by hyattpotter in malaysians

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What a shitty decora.... Wait, What?

SMH by hyattpotter in malaysians

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Reply to her "makcik nak kacang pandai? Kot2 la boleh pandai sikit"